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Hi, I am having a huge dilemma right now. I was born with ringlet curls, but when I was little I remember using my mothers sulfate and silicone heavy shampoo/ conditioner every day, and my hair was wavy but extremely frizzy. Then for about 5 years straight I bleached my hair multiple times, straightened the hell out of it, but recently dyed the bleached part back to my natural color (naturtint & my roots and about 3-4 inches are virgin), cut like 8 inches off, and decided to completely stop dyeing it. BTW, my baby hairs have remained ringlet curls that were immune to my straightener.

Currently, I have 2a hair on the back of my head, 2b maybe c hair on the sides, but around my face I have 3b ish little curls that look like my baby hairs except it's real chunks of hair if that makes sense. The back is straight sometimes and looks nothing like the front. I started going completely CG a few weeks ago, and my hair has gotten slightly wavier, but heres my problem: a few hours after my hair is completely dry, my wavy hair has little curly/ringlet shaped flyaways and fuzz everywhere. My hair is straight and wavy ish except for around my face, but then I have this 3b looking curly frizziness all over my head. I use all CG safe products (read ingredients in depth and do research), I've done an acv rinse, I deep conditioned my hair, I scrunch, I use wave enhancing products, dont brush only comb, clarify once every week and a half, etc. Maybe a gel would work? Am I scrunching too much? I'm not sure at this point. My hair is very S-wavy and I couldn't imagine that they could turn into the shape of these very curly frizzies all over my head, but my hair is literally 3b in the front? I can't help but think my hair may be curly, but I've tried many things w no improvement. I've also tested products with the most curl-enhancing ingredients I could find, with no success.

Also, I tried an aphogee treatment but it made my hair very straightish and extremely poofy, so I tried deep conditioning. Could I be protein sensitive? But then again my hair should be porous from dye? Would Olaplex work? MSM?

Sorry for the lengthy post and many questions. I've tried every basic thing I could find on this site, so ANY in depth or specific suggestions/ products would be very very much appreciated, as school is about to start and my hair is stressing me out.


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!

    Can you tell us your routine, and the specific products you're using now?  It will help us make suggestions for you if we know what you're doing now.

    I would say yes to the olaplex.  I've heard wonderful things about it, and your situation sounds ideal for it.  And I would say no to the protein sensitivity, based on that one experience.  Maybe your hair is just sensitive to Aphogee, or to some specific ingredient in it, or maybe the winds were blowing wrong...who knows.  But don't cut out proteins based on one incident. 
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    I too had given up on protein but now I realize the trick with protein is to follow it up with moisture.  I guess I’m saying don’t dismiss it yet.  I always follow a protein treatment with a moisture treatment now.  It has made a difference.
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    Welcome, @nes2001!  Glad you've joined us. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    If you’re not using gel, you should definitely try one.  It will give your hair the hold other stylers won’t due to its gel “cast,” possibly preventing or lessening that midday change your curls are having.  Scrunch out the crunchy cast when fully dry until you get the look you want, but then don’t touch it anymore or you will frizz.  

    A pretty widely used product for multiple hair types is Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard, which you can find at lots of stores (Target, Amazon).  Their Knot Today leave-in is great for creating a moisture base at the beginning of your style, which can also help prevent the problems you’re talking about.  I have super fine hair and can use both products as long as I’m not too heavy handed.  Crazy shine and really good frizz control.

    You also could just have multiple curl patterns on your head, which is totally frustrating but also really common.  It will take trial and error to figure out what makes them looks the most blended together.  

    It also sounds like you have a bit of color damage from over-processing which will also affect your curl pattern, so you’ll need lots of deep conditioning with heat to try to help that hair be healthy again and behave/style better.  When all else fails, clip up your hair if you can. ;)

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