Any tips for mixed curly hair (3b/3a/2c)????

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I struggle with my waist length (naturally) blonde curls... any tips for getting the moisture into the 3b while not weighing down the 2c??


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair sounds beautiful.  Mine is only just below my shoulders.  Not sure on the tips...maybe someone else will have some good ideas.
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    I'm not sure if I can help, but I'll try. :) My texture is quite dense and coarse so it takes effort to weigh mine down! Although it's currently shoulder length, I'm growing it out again and it was to my lower back when it was at it's longest. Regular deep treatments really help me keep moisture, especially when my hair is longer. Also, deep treatments will not work for me unless I apply heat, so that's something you might consider as well, maybe you have low porosity? 
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    I would avoid putting heavy products at your root and using deep treatments. Just be sure to rinse out the deep treatment all the way. When I had waist length hair, I found that deep treatments helped a ton, but I had to be careful not to use too heavy of leave in products. 
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    This is exactly my hair! Most of my curls are 3a-3b, and then I have a specific area in my head that is always 2c waves, but the thing is that those waves are always frizzy, so it's like I need to give more moisture to the waves than the curls... my tips:
    if your hair is like mine and you habe a specific area with waves, so when you are styling your hair, just section the wavy area from the other hairs, and apply the heavier product on the tighter curls, and then go to the wavy area and use a light weight product..
    if you have waves in a lot of places mixed with your curls, then you can look for products that are balanced, which means, they are not crazy moisturizing and heavy, but they are also not too light weight and lacking of moisture.. for this type of product I recommend you to try the Dave curl's styling cream, I think it's a quite balanced product that isn't over moisturizing but also not too light weight... I know it's expensive but this is the only product that I used and I think will work well to your situation... I can also recommend you to try the cantu curl activator cream and maybe the as I am curling jelly, but some people say that it might way your hair down, I have both of them, I think my hair thickness is normal, so for me none of them weighed down my hair, (especially not the curling jelly, I wouldn't even call this product "thick", but the cantu one is with a lot of good moisture so you can try them they are a lot cheaper than deva curl), I hope I helped! 

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