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I have very recently taken up the curly girl method after 10+ years of straightening with a flat iron. I’m currently in the second week and so far so good, no major problems. My hair is 3a, low porosity, thick density and medium to coarse thickness. I have been altering things slightly to try and acheive the look I like and wanted to know whether my ‘alterations’ were okay to be doing or if they could be damaging my curl pattern. For definition I’ve been twisting my curls round my fingers after applying mousse instead of scrunching as the last thing I need is more volume! Once my hair and the cast is dry I have been loosening the ringlets with my fingers and gently brushing with a soft Denman brush. I’ve read brushing curls is a big NO… however my hair doesn’t tend to get knotted and this doesn’t create frizz for me, it just gives me a softer, gentler curl with less volume on top which is what I’m looking for. So is this okay? Or am I getting it all wrong!?
Thank you for all your help

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    Welcome to Curltalk!  If you like the way your hair looks after brushing, then I don't see any reason not to.  Most of us end up with crazy frizz after brushing so we avoid it, but if it works for you and you're gentle with the brush, then go for it!
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