Ways to Combat Frizz in this Humidity?

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Hello there!

I'm a dude from NYC trying to tame his frizz in this insane 90% humidity that we've been having recently. I'd give myself type 2c/3a hair (whatever is in the profile pic) with high porosity. I condition every day using OgX's coconut curls, shampoo about once a week (not sulfate free), and use a deep conditioning mask every 10 days or so. I'd say my hair is pretty well hydrated — it's super soft, springy, and bouncy — but the frizz gets wild sometimes. I use a pomade from o'doud's that helps tame it, but it leaves buildup that can only be washed out by sulfates which dry my hair out. I'm hoping some curl guru can point me in the right direction to deal with frizz in this dumb humid weather.

Thanks yo!

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    I agree with the suggestion to use a hard-hold gel--and you might have to use more of it than you think. I live in the Midwest, and it is extremely humid in the summer. I have found that by using a lot of hard-hold gel, I am getting decent hair days in the humidity. I still have some frizz, but it's not a lot, and my hair is holding its shape. I've been using the Kenra Firm-Hold Gel (not the curly one but the regular one).

    @Stillunsureonmycurltype has a good point about glycerin. Glycerin (and also aloe, for some people) can do undesirable things to the hair in times of very high humidity. It is mostly a problem in products that are left in the hair, like leave-ins or gels. Rinse-out products like shampoos or conditioners are generally OK.
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    Welcome!  Are you doing the CG method?  Because your OGX most likely contains silicones.  Some of their products might be ok, but in general it's not a CG friendly line.

    So eliminate the silicones, then try some leave in conditioner.  You can use your regular rinse out conditioner for this.  Try a pea size amount to start with.  If you're still getting too much frizz, then try a gel.  Don't touch your hair while it's drying.  It'll dry hard and crunchy, but that's ok.  Once it's completely dry, just run your fingers through to break it up, and it'll end up soft and curly and hopefully not frizzy.  LA Looks Sports Gel (the blue one) is a good, cheap and easy to find gel, and CG approved.
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    You’ll need to use stylers that contain Anti-Humidity properties. Gels like the American Crew Light hold and Firm hold have that ingredient as the second one and it’s the holding agent in that product. It also has no glycerin, and for me glycerin causes frizz and dryness during these months sometimes. I personally don’t recommend any gel with high amounts of glycerin or any glycerin for the Tristate Area (I live around NY too)

    Oh and it has an odd smell, but it goes away if anyone else is interested in actually looking for an alternative to the DevaCurl Gels or Ouidad Gel with similar ingredients to the Devacurl Gels without needing to pay as much. It’s protein free, alcohol free, glycerin free, Paraben free*, sulfate free, Mineral Oil free, and silicone free.

    *Ive tried to find the large version on their website and I get a version that has ingredients that are completely different from the bottle I purchased and that one contains Parabens, if you can find a store that sells that gel, look for the CG friendly one. 
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    I live in NYC as well, I have to use LA Looks Extreme Sport gel 10+ on these super humid days. I believe it's CG approved, but I'm still learning. Also, did not realize OGX was not CG safe, that's the shampoo I use  :#
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    I live in Israel and it's hot as hell here and super humid especially for me because I live in the center, so, basically in the summer I just use gels or light creams that aren't too moisturizing, but the key is always make sure your hair is really really moisturized, make sure your not using a conditioner with silicones in it, when I'm washing my hair, I make sure my hair gets the maximum hysration from the conditioner, and I understand your struggle and I have high porosity too, so the hair is always looking for moisture, so I just make sure to give it as much moisture as it can get from the conditioner and also I'm rinsing the conditioner with cold water, which is what closes the hair cuticles and lock in the moisture so that your hair will be a lot less frizzy and with the moisture you gave it in.. hope I helped:) 

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