3B Hair styling products, help me please!

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Okay. I think I need to switch my hair game up a bit! I’ve toyed with different curly brands always focusing on the more natural, the better! And I have to say generally Shea Moisture is one I tend to go back to, a lot. I very much like their shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and leave in conditioner. But when it comes to finding the perfect day to day styler, it’s really not doing it for me. I really need some advice on how to revive my 3B curls. I’m a less is more kind of gal and if I can someone achieve defined, moisturised, frizz free curls with some volume too, that would be amazing! 

So when it comes to Shea Moisture stylers I find the style milk okay.. but the curl enhancing smoothie everyone raves about doesn’t really combat any frizz or create superb curl definition and sometimes can leave a weird texture too. Don’t even get me started on their gel soufflé, my hair hates it! 

So im really really in need of like a natural styling holy grail as I cannot spend the rest of my life only relying on coconut oil and not always being fully happy. 

I hear so much hype about products like Deva Curl but also question if they’re as pure as they seem (getting past all the no sulphates etc hype) plus the price, plus other non sponsored videos I have watched have had Curlies girls feeling unhappy with the outcome and build up it creates, and then moving to other brands. Plus I’m based in England so if it IS worth it, is it worth me ordering? It REALLY has to be worth it for me to do that. 

So can I kindly ask if other Curlies have any styling product brands they would swear by, especially for 3B curls. I would like to avoid gel holds or crunchiness. I just want my hair to feel natural, but not look unruly and frizzy. Thank you! 


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    You could try Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  The ingredients are very minimal and natural.  It's gel-like, but not exactly a gel.  There's a bit more texture than gels typically have.  Similar products are Camille Rose Curl Maker, Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha.  I personally like CJPP the best of those 3, but KCCC has a HUGE following. 

    I wouldn't call Deva Curl a "natural" brand.  It has no sulfates or silicones, and it does have a lot of herbal extracts, but there's a long list of ingredients with names that are hard to understand.  A lot of curlies love the brand, but a lot of others don't.  So don't feel like it's a "must", especially if you're paying a high price.
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