Best products for 3c hair?

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Hi! What would be the best products for 3c 4a hair? My hair gets dry and loses it curl pattern and get wonky on day 3. My hair craves moisture and hydration!


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    3c_Mel said:
    Hi! What would be the best products for 3c 4a hair? My hair gets dry and loses it curl pattern and get wonky on day 3. My hair craves moisture and hydration!

    My curl patterns are 3C/4A (Curly Kinky) too. My hair loses it curl patterns with Wash & GOs by the 3rd day (only during the Summer). It just turns to a big puffy frizz. smh. I only use "As I Am " curling jelly, Kinky Curly Knot Today Custard & Conditioner and or Wetline Xtreme Professional gel. Anyways, I tried Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed oil gel for my Wash & GOs too, but never liked the stiff feeling of how it made my hair felt. Anyways,
     it does do the trick to hold curls. Especially, during the Summer. Hope this helps. If not, maybe somebody else can help you... :)

    BTW, if I am wearing a Wash & Go style, I just re-do it 2-4 days in the Summer...

    Pattern: 3C/4A 
    Characteristics: (Spongy/Coarse/Curly Kinky)
    Porosity: High
    Density: Medium
    Hair Width: Medium Sized Strands
    Elasticity: Medium Elasticity

    SL - APL - BSL - MBL - WL - TBL

    My hair is armpit length when silk pressed (so close to BSL).
    Natural state: awkward stage; shoulder length (front is above chin length and back is almost shoulder length).
    Goal: MBL
    10-28-15 (BC Date)

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    My hair is the same way! My go to for washing is Devacurl no-poo and Devacurl decadence conditioner. For styling I use Curls blueberry leave-in & then dippity-do girls with curls gelee to help the frizz. That combos works great for me.
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    I have the same curl type also. I wash/deep condition once a week with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and a Shea Moisture deep conditioner (I fluctuate between a deep condition and a protein based). I use kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner which is amazing - great slip and really detangles my hair. I use Eco Argan oil gel and Maui moisture curl smoothie and seal with a little coconut oil. After 2-3 days, I'll co wash with Ouidad curl immersion. These have worked really well for me. My hair stays soft and hydrated and I don't have that much of a frizz problem (I live in Florida, so having absolutely no frizz is impossible). Hope this helps! 
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    About once a week I use Devacurl No Poo original and the Devacurl One-Condition Decadence. After the shower I massage my hair shaft with Castor oil and proceed to use the Shea Moisture BJCO Leave-in conditioner from rootz to ends and seal in with castor oil as well. I don't use an extra product since the leave in and a sealing oil will do it for me. 

    This turned out to keep my hair very hydrating and moisturized, even in day 3. I just refresh with a bit of water and a quarter size SM BJCO Leave-in conditioner to the ends. The water refreshments is all that it needs since the product is still in there. This turned out good for my hair ! 

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