Do I have product buildup???

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Hi, so about a day ago I decided to deep condition my hair with a  treatment masque , from shea moisture. I left the mask in for about 3 hours before washing it out. I have medium 3b hair so it is on the finer-thiner side. After washing the treatment out, my hair felt soggy and clumped together. I ignored it and the next morning my hair felt very greasy so I just rinsed it and detangled it in the shower without any shampoo or conditioner.  I noticed when my hair dried that my curl pattern was almost gone and my my hair felt dry and weighed down. My hair recently started getting healthy again and I am  freaking  out because I do not know what is wrong with my hair. Someone please help ! :)


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    Everyone seems to have different symptoms of product build up. It never hurts to occasionally clarify with a sulfate and follow up with a deep conditioner. Try it and see if that helps with the grease and being weighed down.
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    I also have fine hair and that sounds like my hair when I have build up.

    Many fine haired curlies are not huge fans of Shea Moisture Products, because of the buildup issue.
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    Was the treatment you used protein heavy? The symptoms sound like you may have protein overload.
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    Everyone gets product build up sometimes, no matter what type of hair you have, method you use, etc.  When all else fails to solve my hair problems, I always clarify and that usually does the trick.  

    Clarifying does not have to be a dirty word or avoided act!  It also does not mean having to use stripping sulfates on your curls.  There are plenty of sulfate free clarifying shampoos out there.  My fave is Ouidad’s Superfruit one.  Sulfate free, safe for color treated hair, and protein free as well.  I have fine hair and am prone to build up.  I always clarify before a deep cond so that my hair can really soak it up, and then as needed whenever it’s wonky.

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