Decreasing hair density due to CG method or stress?

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I started the CG method in January and since then I have tested a ton of new products.
I wet my hair daily cause my curls won't last to second day (they barely made it to the end of first day...), this means I re-style everyday.

I have been using diferent products each day and only a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the density, which was quite high, has decreased way too much and my curls are almost dead and very limp (putting my hair in a bun now makes me realize that my hair is not the same).

I've been through moments of big stress at work for the past year and my concern is if my thinning hair is due to this period or the way I've been doing the CG method. Is it possible that using only natural products can cause this?

What can I do to bring back my curls?  :(


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    I've heard some people say they've lost hair when they've gone cg but I'm not entirely sure how that can be tbh. I think it more likely the stress is the culprit here, in which case time and looking after yourself should see things right. Have you been to a doctor? Getting some bloodwork done might show something physical causing a problem too.
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    Two things spring to mind:
    1) See the Wen lawsuit for more info. It seems some people cannot tolerate co washing. They have a tendency to get clogged follicles and their hair to fall out. If you are co washing exclusively, try switching to sulfate free shampoo and incorporate sulfate as well to ensure your scalp is free from build up.
    2) This is what happened to me. As my hair got better, it was less frizzy so it didn't feel as course which made it feel like it was less dense. I also terrified myself by losing a ton of hair in my biweekly washing. I didn't lose any hair perse it was just normal shedding. I came to the conclusion that unless I had actual bald spots, I was fine. Now do keep in mind, some people have general hair loss which does not manifest as bald spots, so no bald spots does not always mean it's all good. It was just the determination I made for myself.
    Since you said your hair was limp, it makes me think your hair may be over moisturized. Do try incorporating more cleaning if you are not doing that already. Try a protein treatment if you are not already and are not protein sensitive. I hope everything is ok, and please keep us updated.
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    @Starmie Thanks for your comment. I will definitely start taking care of myself regarding the stress, my last blood exam was all good but I`ll take another one soon to make sure...

    @BrittanyM Thank you for the information! I normaly shampoo 3 to 4 times a week, I haven`t figured out yet if I should do it more or less often though... but I felt that using conditioner everyday leaves my hair overmoisturized and my curls look very limp and with no volume.
    Yesterday I did a protein treatment and my curls are back to life. (even some parts that weren`t curling in the last months!).
    Regarding losing density, I haven`t really experienced any noticeable hair loss, just the usual shedding, but it is when I put my hair up in a pineapple that I notice my hair is so much less dense than it used to be, I can even see through it in the mirror... this is driving me insane.
    Today I have also started taking vitamins... let`s see if adding them to my already balanced diet will help me somehow.
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    This was what happened to me too - I've never seen any great shedding, nothing different to what I'd always had, it was only when I'd joined this site and started wearing my hair curly after straightening it for some time that I noticed the loss of density. I was checking the curls at the back of my head with two mirrors and saw all this scalp showing, I was mortified, I remember actually getting into something of a panic about it and wondering how long I'd been walking around like that! Awful. I've never got to the bottom of it.
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    @Starmie I think I might have had a panic attack last week when the penny dropped and started thinking it over...
    Did you ever go back to your normal density? Or have you learnt how to live with your new hair after going natural? I think I am going have a cut soon... I need a light at the end of the tunnel :)
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    This is a theory only - no scientific knowledge here!  But I think what happens with some of us is that as the hair gets healthier and more moisturized, the cuticles of the hair lay down flat instead of being lifted - think of a roof that's old and needs re-shingling, compared to a brand new roof where all the shingles lay flat.  This creates the hair to feel thinner, because the hairs can lay closer together against each other.

    You can do things to raise the cuticles and get more volume and a thicker feel, like using sulfates and drying alcohols.  I think even the dying process thickens the hairs.  But it also makes the hair less healthy.  Your hair will have less shine and smoothness. 
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    Anekilla - no, it's never got back to how it was, I've just learnt to deal with it as best I can. Tried lots of different things to get it to grow back but nothing has worked unfortunately. My ferritin levels were extremely low at one point and I was hopeful that once things were back on track there that my hair would improve, but no joy, though it doesn't actually seem to have got any worse since that time. 
    I wonder if my age has something to do with it, I'm 55 and menopausal, not sure if I might have been peri when it started and maybe it's hormone related. I keep reading how common it is for women to have thinning hair as they get older but all I seem to see is heads full of lovely thick hair everywhere I go, apart from the older women who are very thin, and then I just panic that that's going to be my future!
    Sorry for all the doom and gloom, didn't mean to be such a misery but it's a subject I find myself stressing over a lot. I find it quite demoralising tbh. Sigh.
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    @Guide 65 I've heard about dying the hair making it thicker!

    @Starmie I am so sorry to hear your story, the hormone-related issue makes sense to me, but don't give up!!! Sometimes we are doing something we think is good for us but we don't realize that is causing us harm.
    If this is of any help to you, I have noticed that part of my hair density was gone due to overconditioning my hair. I always read from other CG: "condition, condition, condition!!!", and that is what I was doing. The past months I kept the mask the whole night and last week is when I came to see the results...

    Please keep me updated on your situation!!!
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    Dyeing the hair doesn't make it thicker. It lifts the hair cuticle so it feels thicker as it doesn't lay flat against other hair. The con to that is that it's harder to moisturize and keep moisturized. It would be more prone to frizz and damage.

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