Learning how to take care of my curls!-- PROGRESS :)

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Hello my curly friends!
During my high school years I was struggling how to "Tame" my hair but then I came to the realization that maybe I shouldn't try to tame it anymore but help encourage my hair to do its own thing! Ever since my senior year in high school I have been really taking care of my hair and I was encouraging my curly haired friends to do the same.

Maybe I should take a few steps back and start by saying that my hair was always curly. I am lucky enough to inherit my mom's curl genes! But I always had curly hair since I was a baby and my mom wanted to make my hair look "neat" so she would always comb out my curls and tie my hair back. I learned this habit from my mom to always comb my hair (I now know that combing curly hair = tons of frizz and little curl definition). I looked back at my elementary school and middle school photos and the hair journey is REAL!

The following picture is of me in the 5th Grade! Back when I used excessive olive oil and brushed my hair out into waves. (GROSS, I KNOW!)

Here is a picture of my hair during my senior year of high school when I started using the Original DevaCurl line (I used to no products after washing). This picture was taken on the day I was scheduled to get a DevaCut in Soho. I woke up with great hair this day, and was a little disappointed that I was planning to do a serious cut to essentially "start over".
I got my hair cut at the Devachan Salon in Soho. I'm sure that I am not the only one who had their hair styled and weren't impressed. I loved my haircut but, the way my hair was styled had my curls clumped together into big curls that were lacking volume. So I went home and washed my hair the following week and here were were my results:

I am planning to grow my hair out and it's taking a WHILE but that's okay because I have a lot of patience when it comes to my hair. And NOW for the latest picture of my curly hair:

I AM SO GLAD I STARTED MY CURL JOURNEY. I am so so so happy with my hair and I know I still have a lot of work to go! But I am so thankful for social media platforms like naturally curly, YouTube, and instagram for allowing other curly girls to upload their content to help fellow curly girls out!

Thanks to all who have supported me while I was trying to figure my hair out. 

-Mauria :)


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    Your curls are beautiful and look so healthy!! Can’t wait to get there :smile:

    what are your favourite products?
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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair is beautiful.  We're so glad you joined us!
    Formerly known as Janiegirl
    2B/2C, fine hair, low density, mixed porosity, protein loving hair
    Current products:
    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
    Deva Curl One Condition (original formula)
    Innersense I Create Volume
    Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel

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