Tips for my curly hair??

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I recently have done big chop and since then  I have not worn my hair curly because of the shortness.  Instead of leaving it curly I comb it out and just let it  be. I have done the big chop because my hair stayed the same length for about 3 years and I just needed a fresh start. What do you guys recommend I do to promote hair growth??? Comments would be much appreciated xxx  (first picture is now and second was 3 months ago)


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    Welcome to Curl Talk!  Your hair is very pretty.  For me, growth is just a matter of waiting.  Maybe someone else will come along with some better ideas!
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    Firstly stop combing your hair. You HAVE TO embrace how your hair looks in its natural state. I'm sure you can find ways to wear it nicely despite it being short. Try pretty printed satin scarves. Wrap your hair with them, add big hoop earrings, dab on some bold lipstick. You'll look great! Meanwhile take good care of your hair, wash it every other day with a gentle sulfate free shampoo, comb through only after applying conditioner with a wide-tooth comb, deep condition once or twice a week. Apply heat while deep conditioning. Sleep only on a satin pillowcase. Wrap your head with a satin scarf before bed. Never dry comb your hair. Your hair WILL flourish. Keep up this routine even as your length progresses. Only shampoo your scalp. Don't use too many products, just a sulfate free shampoo, a conditioner with good slip preferably silicone-free. Don't layer on leave-ins unless it's really cold and dry where you live. Simplicity and consistency. Keep us updated of your progress via this thread. You can thank moi when you hit BSL. Good luck!

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