any other type 2 wavies shave your head?

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I shaved my head 2 months ago - my hair has never been this short, and I want to embrace my S waves as my hair grows out. It's only an inch and a quarter so far, not even two inches, but I am just wondering: Did any of you wavies have to wait for your hair to get to a certain length before it started to get curly again ? At one inch, it looks very straight, and I just can't wait to see my waves. I'm sure for our looser curl types, it is really variated on the different lengths it starts to wave and curl , but anyone else's experiences regrowing type 2 waves from a bald head, or pictures - would be amazing. My dad said in high school his hair started to curl after his ears. In my profile photo, I can tell that my hair can wave above my ears, closer to the root, but I don't think it curls right at the root. Does this mean I have to wait for at least chin length hair before my waves show? I have seen videos and hair timelines of people with curlier hair than mine with straight looking hair at this length, so does anyone have pictures of their hair from super short looking similar? 

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    I'm actually growing out a pixie cut and I have absolutely no curls or waves what-so-ever right now. My curls don't start until my hair grows longer then my ears. First pix is about a month ago and the second is from early last year.
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    It looks great!  I've had very short pixie hair (just a bit longer than your 2 month pic) and my hair is not curly or wavy at that length.  It starts getting a wave at about 1.5 inches long and starts to curl at approx 3 inches.  It will be fun to see how your hair changes as it gets longer!
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    I hate short hair on myself, so I've never done it.  It looks cute on you though!
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    Omg Rose3trs thank you so much ! That is exactly what I was expecting with my hair too, and that made me feel a lot better :) I really appreciate the photos ! Your hair is gorgeous 🙏🙏
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    & Thank you, Guide 65 ! :) I have always wanted to shave my head to see what it was like, and my hair was severely bleached and damaged so it had to be done to grow my hair out healthy and my natural color - I haven't had my hair this short since I was a baby and that is kind of funny to think about 😂  
  • Daisy ZaiaDaisy Zaia Posts: 14Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    Aww thank you beantrees :D (I love your name by the way haha) I really appreciate your answer! That is very reassuring to me to hear that ! C: I have been really hoping other wavies have been through the same phase or similar where their hair has no wave whatsoever yet, because it is still so short

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