How to deal with transitioning relaxed hair?

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So unlike a lot of people’s relaxing transitioning stories I did not start with relaxing a lot. I have 3b curls and for my whole life i barely even used heat so my hair was pretty healthy but it was just very frizzy at times from the lack of product, and my habits at the time that would strip my hairs moisture. Until summer of 2017, i experimented with some oils and the shea moisture line after doing a lot of research and i was definitely seeing results although it was still pretty frizzy and the curl pattern wouldn’t last long. So, a few months later in october my mom suggested i relaxed my hair because she had heard it relaxes the curls (keep in mind my mom has straight hair and has little to no knowledge about curl patterns etc) but she said she had seen it done on others so dumb old me decided why not! (thankfully my hair is super thick so it didn’t make me bald) But after i had washed it out, it was really underproccessed because it was still curly but more like a very, VERY, VERYY loose wave and you can tell there was damage. With instant regret i cried for days, because I was super dumb and my intentions were only to make it less frizzy etc. Until i got it cut in January of 2018 and it only went up from there! So anyways, right now my hair is really strange. Basically since we had bought only a bit of relaxer for my very thick big hair we did not have enough so basically the left side of my hair is nice and curly (aka the side that didnt get enough relaxer and the other side is curly aswell but when it’s wet you can tell there’s a much more loose curl pattern and it like clumps up into like a straight piece when i brush it? But when i add product and scrunch etc etc it’s all good. So right now i’m just trying to cut off as much as i can because currently my hair is up to my shoulders and if i go any shorter my hair will shrink until i look like a poodle. So my question is, is there products that could pretty much heal the relaxed hair on the right side of my head so it’s back to my natural curls like my left side? Or do i just have to wait it out, and if i wait it out my hair WILL eventually grow out my natural curls right? Thank you to whoevers willing to give some advice!

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    Pretty hair!  Chemical relaxers are permanent, so the only thing you can do is wait until it grows out.  But it's not obvious to me.  I can't even tell what side is what.  Just keep it moisturized and in good condition, and eventually it'll all grow out.
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