Cheaper natural alternatives to DevaCurl and possibly SheaMoisture hair care products?

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Ive been using DevaCurl and SheaMoisture products since I've started embracing my curls, but as we all know, caring for our hair can be expensive. I was wondering if anyone has come across any cheaper, natural alternatives to some of the more popular brands that still work just as well or maybe even better. I even tried making Flax seed  gel, and while it was nice, it didnt last long in the very humid, Virginia weather. Any product suggestions would be a big help, becuse I really don't know what brands to try that wont put a hole in my pocket. 
I have fine 3A curls and high potosity with a fine to medium strand thickness.
The weather is hot and humid here and my hair is frizzy even with products in it.


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    Hi ! 
    I live in Europe so it's a little complicated for me to buy products like DevaCurl .. etc
    So I use only flaxseed gel with some aloe vera gel too and the result is quite successful (not every day but almost) !  :)
    I just created an Instagram account on the evolution of my curly hair journey ! 
    It will be a pleasure to find you there  :)

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    Try checking at your local health/organic food store.  Giovanni has some good products, Carina Naturals has a great gel, I've heard good things about Oneka shampoos and conditioners.  They're all cheaper than Deva Curl, but may be more expensive than Shea Moisture.
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    It's not a gel but it's a great leave-in/styler that holds moisture nicely and is pretty affordable and can be found at CVS pharmacy. If you put a gel or mousse over it, it works really well. The protein packs are also the best ones I've ever used, even comparing to the more expensive alternatives
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    I am from Europe and have similar hair characteristics (fine, high porosity). I am ordering my products for now, but am on the look out for more affordable and accessible options. So far I found a good alternative for low-poo (Hipp Mild baby shampoo), fermented rice water/gelatin treatment for protein, Garnier Hair Food masks (they are supposedly a 3in1 product, but too heavy not to rinse in my case, so I only use as a deep treatment or for protection when I go swimming) and a quite amazing regular conditioner from Spar Beauty Kiss line, that costs less than a euro for 250ml. Decathlon has very cheap microfibre towels also. I don't know where you live, but maybe this gives you some useful ideas. 
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    Cantu and Aunt Jackies are perfect alternatives to those more pricier brands.
    Or Homemade products are cheaper and safer, given you know exactly what is in them. Check out NaturallyCurly's Curl Revolution Guide for recipes.
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    If you really like the Deva, careful shopping at Ulta will help your wallet.  Get the jumbo size products, right there you save a bunch.  For 2x the price you get almost 3x the product.  Sign up for sales and their rewards program.  You can trade in points for $$.  They also have an occasional sale on the products that you can't use the coupons on.  This winter I got 2 bottles of the Deva gel for the price of one.
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    You can make your own natural shampoo. I’ve tried using a combo of baking soda, Castile soap, and water as a shampoo and then using apple cider vinegar and water as a conditioner. It’ll take a bit to figure out what amounts of each ingredient is best for you hair so it takes trial and error, but it’s very natural and doesn’t have any chemicals!
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    I used to get a lot of products at my local health food store, as @Guide 65
     suggests. Two other good brands are Andalou and Avalon Organics.

    @Martreb2001, do be careful with the baking soda and Castile soap mixture. The pH of something like that is extremely high and can be damaging to hair. Likewise, unless properly diluted, an ACV solution can be too acidic for hair and cause damage.

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    Hey there:) I have high porosity as well and have gotten great results with using fruit of the earth aloe vera as a styler, combined with a harder hold gel, such as the la looks sports gel or aussie instant freeze. all 3 products can be found at walmart for under $5! I also love the trader joe’s tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner, silicone/drying alcohol free, have protein similar to the deva products, and only $4 each. the shampoo does contain the c14-16 olefin sulfonate, but i have found that it doesn’t irritate my scalp at all, and works quite well as i experience build up quickly, being a wavy with fine strands and using gel weekly. I wash my hair twice a week with it, you may want to do less, it all depends on what works for you, but our hair does sound similar, fine strands & high porosity :). I do have a looser curl pattern though, i’m a 2b/c combo. For deep conditioning, I love any hask deep conditioning packets, but only the deep conditioners, because their regular shampoos and conditioners have silicones i believe. I hope this helps ! :) 
  • Martreb2001Martreb2001 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 14 Curl Neophyte
    @Therese1 yes, I don’t recommend using it all the time, only once every one or two months. I tried it two washes in a row and it made my hair pretty nasty. But it’s good to clarify your hair once in a while.
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    I don't like the curl enhancing smoothie but I do like the Crème Of Nature Coconut Milk Hydrating Curling Cream. Its very dense though and its silicone free for anyone that happens to be following that method.
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    I finally had to go out and try Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in and the Curling Custard after reading about both a million times on this site.  I like them!  Cheaper than Deva, and actually a bit better for my fine 3A hair.  Really good hold, frizz control, and shine, no weigh-down.

    Don’t be too heavy handed though!  A little goes a long way!!  For my shoulder length hair, I use a swollen pea/dime size plop of the leave-in emulsified with water, then a light coating of the custard scrunched and raked in.  The cast scrunches out when dry, but leaves a lot of nice hold and shine.  Both products are about $16 each at Target, Amazon...
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    I absolutely love Eco gels. They have a ton of different varieties but they are my holy grail product. Great hold and I've never had a problem with flaking or drying. Also great with controlling frizz. I live in central Florida with Mickey, so I completely understand what you mean about humidity.  It does form a cast on the hair, but a little scrunching after it dries and you're good to go with soft, defined curls. Also, it's one of the cheapest gels out there. My favorite is the argan oil gel that I buy on Amazon in an 80 oz. container for around $12-15 which lasts me about 2-3 months. Can't beat it! 

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