How do i stop the roots of my hair from straightening

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Hey there, so basically what happens is when i have washed my hair and then plopped it, after i take it out and while its wet the curls look really nice and basically stay curly from roots to the ends. But when it dries, the curls at the roots disappear or turn into weird waves. In addition to this whenever i put my hair up (in a ponytail or one of those really basic messy buns) the curls completely disappear except at the ends. Is there anything i can do to stop this - i think it may be because i have a weak curl pattern (if my hair is pulled it doesn't bounce back properly and ). If you believe this is so, are there any solutions to strengthen it???

P.S I have been advised to try products that have alot of protein in it. Would these work?
P.S.S Has anyone tried the Garnier Fructis Nourishing Banana Hair Food before?? Would it help my situation at all?

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    I clip the roots when it's drying to get some waves up top, otherwise my hair is completely straight up there.  I have tried that conditioner - just a couple days ago I used it!  It is a good conditioner.  It'll help to condition your hair - I don't think it's going to do anything about your non-curly roots though.  If you want to try a protein condition, you could try Curl Junkie Repair Me, or Deva Curl Deep Sea Repair.  There are others as well.  But the GF is protein free.
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    Definitely try clipping. And also pulling the hair back will naturally straighten the roots as they are being pulled. Other than that, hair tends to naturally be looser at the roots.
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    yep, I have the same thing, insane curls at the bottom, drowned rat at the top, giving the classic triangle shape. But...a few bulldog clips on big sections should help to lift it, and i tend to use product only on the bottom two thirds. All the lovely conditioners for the dry ends will just weigh down the hair at the roots. Ooooh, and a quick flip upside down, finger ruffle through the scalp (when it's still a bit damp but not wet). Good luck!
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    Ha!  Love "drowned rat at the top"! Hilarious!  
    You might want to try this technique for root lift. 

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