Trying everything to finally get beautiful curls

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Hi everybody,
my name is Melanie and I'm hoping to get new insights and help with my difficult hair.
I'm very new to this forum, but I have started to follow the curly girl routine about 6 months ago, with no success. Right now I'm at a low point and I really hate my hair. I'm really unsure when it comes to my curl type. All I know is that it's fine, but can be curly rather than wavy. My hair is very dry and frizzy, no volume and no hold.... I'm just totally lost. 
I'm really hoping to get some really good tips fo my hair from all you lovely ladies here.  :)
Right now my hair looks like this (and also what you see in my profile picture:


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair looks like it'll have some beautiful curls when you get the method down!  Keep at it.  We've all had days of frustration when it seems like nothing works.  Let us know what problems you're having and we can make some suggestions for you.
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    How exciting, already a comment. I'm delighted. Thanks Guide 65  :)
    there's actually a lot of problems I'm dealing with. I live in Germany in a region with extremely hard water. Therefore, I have tried to rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar after my wash routine. Unfortunately, that did nothing. I tried washing with conditioner only, which led to my hair being kind of stringy. But with shampoo ( even if it's CG friendly), it tends to be even drier. Lately I tried products from shea moisture, the coconut hibiscus weightless shampoo, conditioner and mask. The shampoo and conditioner seem fine, but styling afterwards with gel or cream seems too heavy then. I also tried Giovanni moisturizing products (the green bottles). Hair seemed nice when wet, but I get very frizzy hair after. For styling I tried kinky curly custard. It's strange. If I let my hair air dry, I barely have curly hair, even if I scrunch out the crunch. If I use a Diffusor, the result is kind of ok, but curls won't last and I don't get any volume or curls at the roots.I tried it in soaking wet hair, as well as damp hair. Diffusing with cool air will also do nothing for my hair..Currently I'm trying pillow soft curls from miss jessys. At first trial it worked great, but since then it weighs my hair down, even if I use just the tiniest amount. 
    The last few days I came to the conclusion that my hair is of low porosity. It won't sink in a Glas of water, it feels smooth when I glide a strand of hair upwards.... I'm planning to order some products for low porosity hair. But it's hard to get the good products here's in Germany. Deva curl and the likes is impossible to get, unless I spend a fortune. :-( I can get my hands on shea moisture, but I'm reading very mixed reviews about it....

    Any advise on what I could try out next is really really appreciated. I'm so frustrated an der feel like I wanna chop off all my hair :-(
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    Hello and welcome to NC.  Hmmm, I wonder, since you state the your hair is fine, you might like some protein treatment.  The float test really isn’t a good indicator of porosity.  It just sounds like you need protein.  Maybe try a reset by clarifying and give your hair a protein treatment.  If you don’t have anything available a nice one to try is a search for IAgirl’s protein treatment using unflavored gelatin.  Always follow a protein treatment with a deep moisture treatment.  The protein balance is a tightrope for sure but protein is the structure you might need to hold the curls.  I struggle with this always.  I am finding if I put some neutral protein filler in my refresher spray bottle it helps a lot.  Maybe this might help.  Good luck.  You have a nice start on your curls, now we just need to find a way to keep them.  
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    Since you mentioned that you have hard water you may find this blog post helpful:

    The blog post mentions ingredients as well as products that will help with hard water.

    The blog is written by Wendy - and she is also IAGirl, you will find recipes for protein treatments on her blog.

    Can you easily get distilled water??  If you can get distilled water, a spray bottle with some  should help you moisturize your hair.  I think you may find her blog helpful.
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    Thanks @Wavycat for the tips on protein treatment. I will try this for sure. And thanks @WavyKfromNJ for the tips and blog link on hard water. 
    What I tried in the last couple of weeks:
    •  I got myself a chelating shampoo. Its just a cheap brand, but some curlies in Germany advised on it. I could straight away feel how much this worked. I used a deep treatment masque after and my hair felt light. 
    • I spent a few days on a wellness trip in an area with soft water. I couldn't believe what happened. My hair was so soft and bouncy. My hair looked voluminous and I had some seriously awesome curls. Also my hair dried in a very short time and i only needed a tiny amount of gel. So I will try to use distilled water next....
    • I got myself the as I am co-wash.... I try to wash my hair upside down, use a bit of leave in cond from Giovanni and follow up with gel from Giovanni or kinky curly. I now get better clumps and wait for the gel cast to dry and scrunch after. Seemed really great at first. But an hour or so later my curls start turning to waves and I get frizz.....
    But now it seems I have to stop my curly routine for a while. I'm pregnant in my 7 th month and I can't wash upside down anymore. If I don't wash upside down I wont achieve clumps or volume.... 

    i know this whole process takes time, but I'm really frustrated at the moment. My hair looks like a disaster  :'(  I'm trying to find a good routine now for months and the hole in my purse keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

    Sorry for the whining
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    Congratulations!  I can imagine it would be hard to do everything upside down when you're pregnant!  You can still do it all right side up though.  You can lean from side to side, and then back a little bit.  And after applying all your products, you can try root clipping for more volume.  This video really helped me figure out how to do it

    It sounds like you need a harder holding gel, or maybe just more of what you have now.  You can even try layering the KCCC first and then the Giovanni on top.  And you might want to think about doing a protein treatment.  It helps make the hair stronger so the curls last longer.  You can do that easy and cheap using either gelatin or rice.  Just google it to find recipes.

    Formerly known as Janiegirl
    2B/2C, fine hair, low density, mixed porosity, protein loving hair
    Current products:
    Changing up my shampoos because I can't find one I like
    Deva Curl One Condition (original formula)
    Innersense I Create Volume
    Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
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    A belated welcome!  I think I was on vacay when you joined us.  So glad you're here!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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