What is wrong with my hair? Damaged? Dry?

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Hello, I am honestly so confused about what is up with my hair! The front of my hair (first image) is probably the healthiest (although it has lots of frizz) I think it's s-shaped 3a/b curls, they are the only part of my hair that get shrinkage for some reason. The rest of my hair is frizzy and loose curled to the point where some of my curls have turned into waves. It is thin and weak. The ends of my hair are straight, dry and frizzy although I just went for a haircut about a month and a half ago and the dry bits were cut off. My hairdresser said I have barely any split ends but I have lots of new growth coming in which makes it look like split ends. It may be that my hair is lacking protein? I honestly have no clue. I've never had a relaxer, never coloured my hair, straightened it about 3 times in my lifetime and stopped using blow dryers three to four years ago and I never use heat at all. I use moisturising products and use a hair mask and protective styles and wrap my hair up at night. I really want to tighten my curl pattern and get rid of the frizz and make it thicker, please help!


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    When my hair needs protein, it goes straight.  So a protein treatment might work for you.  But my hair is much different than yours, so be cautious.  I would suggest getting a protein conditioner like Curl Junkie Repair Me or Deva Deep Sea Repair, and do a strand test to see how your hair reacts.  Just pick a small section and treat it, rinse it out, and see if that part gets some curls back. 

    It might also just need more moisture.  Are you doing any deep conditioning treatments?  That would help as well.
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    What products do you use?  Could it be buildup?  Buildup makes hair go wonky.  If you haven't tried it lately try a clarifying shampoo or a sulfate shampoo that you may already have.  Follow up with a deep treatment.

    It also helps to have a spray bottle with some water to give your hair more moisture (some will also add a bit of leave in conditioner and/or gel to the bottle).  If you have more than water in the bottle be careful since it can go bad due to lack of preservatives.
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