Wondering If I have low density or medium... need a little help

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So I've always been under the impression that I have really dense hair, but lately I've been wondering if I have something else

I'm able to easy reach my roots with my fingers and I have small curls, but if I try to shake my hair from my roots it feels as if I'm pulling hair out so I dont do it often.

When wet I can't see my scalp at all nor when dry unless I move it a bit with my hands near the front of my hair, and closer to the back I cannot see it unless i part my hair right.

I can see light through the gaps of my hair very very easily, but my hair shrinks a lot. It depends on the angle too, from below its easy to see but from the front its harder to see through.

I need a bit of conditioner, not 3-5 pumps but more than 15, keep in mind my hair is like 6-7 inches and shrinks to around 3-3.5 inches.

When I apply products, my hair lies flat to my skull on the top, I would shake it out but it gets frizzy. So I let it dry like that then I try to make it a round fro shape. This is usually for the first day, by the 3rd day it does get bigger. But I do use quite a lot of product because my hair is dry and I need slippery conditoners to get through or it becomes a hassle. I also do not section because I'm lazy and I'v found no difference than when i rub it through all together finger combing it through.

When my hair has no product it is very fluffy and i can squeeze it all to my scalp very easily by patting it down, but it's hard to do scalp massages with oil because it doen't get everywhere. I use runny oils and the only place where they start  to run is on the front part and thats if I use a lot like half a teaspoon or so, but if i were to place oil in the middle of my scalp, the oil will literally stay there and not move even if i shake it. I dont use oils too often because its messy, but when I do I get this.

Shampooing is hard to get on my scalp without getting it on my hair first. My mom always told me that thinner hair usually has easy access to their scalps, but she has 2a-b hair and its easier just to get to the scalp rather than to forage for it, and I have 3b-3c hair. I feel like having tighter/ smaller curls gives the illusion of bigger hair.

I did wonder if the test on this sight is accurate because it gave me a result saying I have high density but my brother who has less hair (?) and has 3a hair got a high density reading and I can't have super thick hair, right?

Like what are charactersistics of low density hair? I cant do the ponytail test because my hair is too short. I'm still new to this.


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    When wet I can't see my scalp at all nor when dry unless I move it a bit with my hands near the front of my hair, and closer to the back I cannot see it unless i part my hair right.
    This right here sounds like high density.  Can you post a picture?  It would be easier if we could see your hair/head.  I'm assuming you're a guy because of your name - how is the density at your temples?  What about the back crown where most guys start balding?  Is it any thinner than the rest?
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