Drugstore curly/wavy hair products.

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What products for defining and taking care of my wavy/curly hair can I buy from Walmart or Target?


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    Anything that is sulfate free and silicone free will generally be good to use. If you tell us your hair type and porosity we can give you exact product suggestions.
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    I have high porosity thick hair with low density. 
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    I am more of a Target shopper, than WalMart but I have seen:

    I occasionally use some Camille Rose (like these). I have seen Cantu (never tried them), Shea Moisture (not a fan).  Curls (want to try), Kinky Curly, Garnier (not all of their products - big fan of the new 1 minute masks)

    I like to do my research home with the computer.  My local Target and WalMart will show stock availability and you can usually order on-line and pick up at the store with no extra costs.
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    Low Poo: Living Proof Restore Shampoo
    Rinse Out: Living Proof Restore Conditioner
    Leave In: Living Proof Curl Leave-In or Garnier 1 Minute Mask - Papaya
    Treatments: Restore Repair Leave-In, 
    Styling: Living Proof In-Shower Styler with Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel Stronger Hold
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    You probably need to stick to light products. The kinky curly knot today is an excellent leave in. Maui Moisture and Shea moisture make good shampoos. The Shea moisture conditioners are good but could weigh down your hair. Yes to coconuts make good silicone free conditioners. For gel, hard hold would be la looks sport gel. Maybe others will give you some ideas as well.
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    Not your mothers naturals have great shampoos and conditioners! I would suggest their curl defining line, but any of them are really a great choice! They are silicone, drying alcohol, sulfate, and even paraben free, making them totally CG friendly. I have seen them at walmart and ulta, they are 7.99 each. I know that ulta isn’t drugstore but it’s definitely still cheap if you were to purchase there! :) Also, if you live near a trader joe’s, their tea tree tingle shampoo and conditioner are great! Some use the tea tree shampoo to clarify every few weeks, but i personally use it once or twice a week, since i’m prone to oily scalp and buildup having fine strands ! Herbal essences totally twisted curl mousse is a favorite of mine for styling products, as is fruit of the earth aloe vera gel. However, if you’re going for harder hold, then definitely try the alcohol free LA looks sports gel. If you’re into masks, the deep conditioning masks by hask are amazing! But make sure to only get the deep conditioners if you’re trying to avoid silicones, because the regular shampoo and conditioner have them. The mousse, gels, and hask products can all be found at walmart! I hope some of these work out for you! Our hair sounds very similar - mine is also high porosity 2b/c fine strands, i also have highly dense hair. :) 
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    I second the not your mother's naturals! I have wavy hair, dry, thick, damaged and coarse hair that I'm currently trying to heal and it looks best when I use the NYM naturals line! I use the sea minerals shampoo and conditioner, the curl talk 3 in one as a cowash and leave in and the curl talk defining cream (I'm in LOVE! When I go through my LA looks gel I'm going to try the gel too! I hear it's really good! The LA looks gel is good too, I like it. It gives me good hold and if it's crunchy I just scrunch it out. It's super cheap too) I also like the Shea moisture masks! The yogurt and honey is great for protien (you can also get the smaller packet of it for $3. It seems like its single use but a little bit goes a long way and depending on how often you use it and how long/thick your hair is it can last you a little while! Otherwise, the full size is around $11) I honestly love these products more than some professional products (I haven't tried deva curl or ouidad so I can't compare those two) but I used some AG products a few days ago which my hair hated and my waves are still recovering, it made weighed my wave pattern down so much and frizzed out my hair.  But I never have those issues with the NYM! It's CG approved too!
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    I exclusively buy my products from Target so hopefully, this helps! For shampoos, I first tried Cantu's cleansing cream shampoo. I weighed down my fine hair a little bit but still gave a good clean. For your thicker hair, it might help. I currently use Pacifica Salty Waves which is really cleansing which is exactly what I need, although it might be a little too harsh if you have thicker hair or a tighter curl pattern than me. For conditioners, I am really liking the Garnier 1 minute mask like @WavyKfromNJ, my personal MVPs so far are the coconut (nourishing) and the avocado (smoothing). As far as stylers, I recommend ECO styler gels or Garnier pure clean since they are both under 5 dollars. I haven't really tried anything else yet, so let me know if you've found what works for you!
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    Clarifying Shampoo- Suave Daily Clarifying (once every 2-4 weeks)
    Conditioner- Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Mask (Avacado)
    Styler- ECO Gel (Krystal), Garnier Pure Clean Gel
    Open to suggestions/help with my temperamental waves!
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