Will my crown become more curlier over time?

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So, I just started yesterday, and I have always used a flatiron and a brush, it was crazy.. I hated my curls when I was a kid.. So now I want to know, if my hair is gonna be curlier on the top/crown? 
Don't pay attention to my bangs😂 omg.. Here my hair was brushed like crazy..

And here my mom did my hair for this photo, brushed again ofc... 
This photo is from last year, I was in Spain, so I gave up my flat iron, but only for a couple of days, because my hair was just crazy af🙄 
And this is today, no cones or nothing.. No brushing..
So will my hair get more curly over time? And what about my crown? I HATE, that it is so damn flaaaat... 🙄🙄


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    Your hair will probably get more curl/wave as it becomes healthier.  You've probably concentrated on that hair during straightening, since that's what's most visible.  Which means you've damaged it more than the underlayers.  So just work on moisturizing and handling it gently, and it should improve.
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    It probably won't curl close to the root BUT clipping your roots promote volume as well as encourage the hair to curl closer to the root.

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