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Ads for LUS Brands keep popping up on my Facebook feed. The before-and-after photos look wonderful, but I expect that in the ad.  :smile: Has anyone tried them? What’s your result been?

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    I've tried the wavy styler.  I wasn't impressed with it.  It didn't do much of anything for me.  Some people like it with a hard hold gel on top.  And some people like it all by itself.  So I guess it's like anything...some hair likes it, some hair doesn't.  It's a good company though, and generally good ingredients.
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    I use LUS and it is the holy grail for me.  The thing that most people don't like is that it can take up to week to figure out their best amount for the all in one leave in. I tried the wavy, and then the curly, the curly worked best for me. Ignore my hair photo, thats from six or so years ago.  Just follow the directions and look at the tutorials.
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    Has anybody with type 4 hair tried this product line for a WNG? They are blowing up my Facebook feed right now. Everybody looks gorgeous but I had to dig through their site to find people with my hair type (mostly-4b) who haven't done a twistout or braidout.
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    For a one and done its great on my curls!! 
    No lie though the 1st time I tried I didn't care for it at all but its a product that takes time to learn how much product works on that hair.
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    It’s on my Facebook page too and I’m tempted to buy the mini product. I have 3b curls. Anyone tried it with my curls? And will just the leave work like a gel
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