Don't know what to do with my hair.

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Okay so I had my last relaxer in December 2014 and big chopped in January 2016. And ever since then I've been wearing nonstop box braids and some cornrows. I've realized my mistake of only "protective styling" my hair because I would only moisturize, seal, wash, deep condition, etc. Once or twice a month. Now I am trying to take better care of my hair. However, I notice no matter what I do with my hair I will ALWAYS lose hair. No matter if I finger detangle or be gentle with my hair. Little pieces are always and constantly breaking off. Since fall of 2017 to now, I've only done box braids once or twice. I've been trying to wear my hair out more, but I can't take the constant breakage. Does anyone have any tips for me? I uploaded the breakage I see everytime I wash, detangle, and/or style my hair. And there's a texture shot of my natural hair under it. 

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    I'm not too familiar with type 4 hair, but the hair loss you show does not seem excessive to me. Our hair is always shedding, and because it is curly, the shed hairs get tangled up in the rest of our hair and don't fall out until we detangle--which can make it look like there is a lot of hair loss.

    I used to think my hair was straight, which meant I brushed it every day. When I realized my hair was wavy and I stopped brushing it, I thought I was getting a lot more hair loss in the shower--but it was just that all the shed hair (three or four days' worth) was coming out at one time instead of a little bit every day.

    If you don't think this fits your situation, I would recommend trying to figure out whether your hair is sensitive to protein or whether it needs more protein. Having too much or too little protein can lead to breakage. If you have too little protein, the hair shaft is weak and breaks; too much, and the hair shaft is brittle and also breaks.
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