WTH? Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

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Before we begin this therapy session, I have 2b/c fine, high porosity hair, but it is bleached and appreciates all the moisture it can get (ie it doesn't get weighed down or oily).
I used this masque for the first time today. Going on, everything was normal. When I went to detangle, it wouldn't provide enough slip. Fair enough, I'll just rinse out an use Kinky Curly Knot Today (my one true love). When I went to rinse it out, my hair was so dry, tangly, and felt like I had a ton of product buildup. Weird. I put KCKT in, still couldn't detangle. I worked and worked by finger detangling. That's when it was obvious my wash day was ruined. For the first time in my curly hair journey since October 2015, I had to rewash my hair with my sulfate clarifying shampoo. After rinsing out the sulfate shampoo, my hair actually felt softer and more moisturized than this masque left it. I then re-deep conditioned with one of my tried and true DCs.
Now my question is, this product is marketed towards the type 4 ladies. This product has a ton of 5 star reviews. If you have used this product, please let me know your experience and what your hair properties. This is my first (and last) Cantu purchase, and I am actually offended that a product geared for coarser and coily hair would leave my wavy hair unbelievably dry (I expect these products to be at the worst, weigh my hair down).
Have you tried this product? If so, what were your thoughts? Are the five star reviews fake? Any ideas what would have caused this (I think the beeswax just coated and built up on the hair blocking out moisture)? This product baffles me.


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    Just had a look at the ingredients list and it has a lot of oils in it. My hair goes all tangly and dry and can't get fingers through it when I use products containing oil that high up in the ingredients list. It could be that.
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    Oh yeah, beeswax.  You ever do a DIY wax job for hair removal and get the wax stuck on your skin?  It's so so hard to get it off.  I sure wouldn't want that in my hair. 

    Don't feel bad about the sulfate wash.  A lot of curlies have to do an occasional clarifying wash to get build up out of the hair.  Once in a while won't hurt.
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    I sulfate clarify once a month so I just moved it up a week. I don't think it was the oils as a cowash will remove oils on my hair. My hair loves all the shea moisture masks and hot oil treatments. Something in this mask hated my hair. It had a waxy buildup feel and I'm decently sure it was the beeswax. I guess I will use this product to shave my legs with as I cannot in good conscious give it to someone else.
    Does anyone here like beeswax as a conditioning treatment?

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