Should I cut my hair?

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i’ve been growing my hair out now for about a year and just recently I have started the cg method and have really been trying to help my curls. But after paying attention to my hair and seeing how much longer it has got, i’ve noticed that my hair feels weighed down. My curls don’t start until the middle or end of my hair. So my question is would a shorter hair cut make my curls start higher and add more volume? Or would a shorter cut make me lose my curl pattern since i’m cutting off all my curls?


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    Could go either way i think. For me I have much curlier hair when its shorter. The longer it grows, the heavier it is and it turns to wavy. 
    But i think it can also happen that the short hair is pretty much straight when you cut off all the curls on the bottom. 

    Not sure how you can find out without trying it.

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