Shopping for blow dryers, pricey vs cheaper

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Hi everyone,

I bought the xtava black orchid diffuser because my hair takes too long to dry.  I have close to zero experience with blow dryers but I'm reading that some do a better job of drying hair, some create more frizz, etc.

What do you look for when buying a blow dryer? 
I want something affordable but if cheaper ones are damaging I'm willing to spend 50 bucks on a decent blow dryer (also has to be compatible with the xtava diffuser).

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    I look for multiple speeds (at least low and high) and multiple heats (high, medium, and cool). 

    I also look for one that has a lint screen that can be cleaned.

    I look for ones that are ceramic because that will create a more even heat.
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    I don't think there's a great deal of difference in expensive vs cheap hair dryers, at least in the way they dry your hair.  More watts is better.  The stupid hotel hair dryers at 675 watts take forever, but a Conair 1675 will dry your hair faster.  I have the Xtava Allure/Pro which is 2200 watts, but because I use it on low speed, it isn't really any faster than my Conair 1675. 

    Professional grade dryers will use metal motors/internal components, while non-professional dryers will have plastic.  The metal components will last a lot longer, but they make for a very heavy dryer.  If you're using it multiple times a day, you might want the added value of the metal motor, but for at-home use, plastic is lighter and you only use it once a day or a couple times a week, the lighter weight plastic is better.

    Adjustable speeds and adjustable heat is good (necessary for me).  Ceramic/ionic/whatever options - those are good, but I don't really know what they do or how they effect your hair. 

    If I was you, I'd just go to Sallys with your Orchid diffuser and see what it fits, and what dryers they have in your price range. 

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    I invested in the Elchim 2001 hair dryer. I've had mine for years. I like it because it is not an "ionic" hair dryer, which I find softens my hair too much. I don't know if the newer products or the manufacturing of the Elchim 2001 are the same quality in recent years. It doesn't come with a diffuser. 

    From the Amazon website:

    With two speeds, five temperatures, high-pressure air compression technology, reliable and efficient. It has been adopted by many hairstylists thanks to the long life of its motor, which guarantees 2,000 working hours. Italian professional AC motor, duration over 2,000 hours. Built to last long and create perfect styling.

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    Thanks ladies!!

    I brought the diffuser with me and ended up finding a ceramic blow dryer from TJ Maxx. It has different heat settings, cool option, etc so I think it’ll do.

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