Why is my hair stringy and dry?

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hi all,
im new to transitioning back to my naturally curly hair. Right now I think I’m about a 2c but 10yrs ago when I embraced my natural state it was closer to 3a with loose ringlets. I had a dye job gone wrong and then had corrective lightening which ruined my curl and since then I’ve basically been straight ironing my hair every day 😬. I’m so over it now, after the birth of my 3rd boy and I want my curls back! Ive dumped all my silicone and sulfate products and am currently using shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo, conditioner, and smoothie. My hair is definitely slowly getting better but I’m still in that weird stage of straight pieces and strange curl pattern. I know it needs to grow out or chop it. My hair is fine and currently thin due to postpartum hair loss. I also have some lovely new hair growth whispies in the front (thanks baby). My question is I feel like my roots are dry or tough or like they get stuck in a certain position when I’m air drying and then you can see my scalp and my hair looks so weird because he roots are all out of whack. I also feel like my curls aren’t clumping well and look stringy.  I’ve tried air drying with a part so my roots lay correctly but then I have zero volume. I’ve only been transitioning for a few weeks now so i know I have a ways to go. Protein/deep conditioning have brought more curl back but I’m still stuck on how to style daily. I tried plopping yesterday and that looked fabulous nice clumps but slightly strange roots again and later in the day it looked stringy again. Help! Should I try a different shampoo and conditioner? Is it just stringy because its heat damaged? And what is up with my roots?? Thanks! 


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Did you start with a clarifying shampoo?  This gets rid of all silicone from your previous products so you can start fresh.  Also, Shea Moisture tends to be pretty heavy on fine hair.  Shea butter has a tendency to build up, so you might want to try products with no butters and low on oils.  The third suggestion is to use a gel.  I don't know what that smoothie is - it sounds like a cream.  Gels tend to work better in summer and on wavy hair.  When you use the gel (or any styling products) try to keep it away from the roots.  That might help with the weird roots things.
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    I have problems with my roots going every which way too. What I do (and some will be scandalized by this) is rake my products though my hair, from roots to ends, which will destroy the curl clumps. BUT it gets the roots off my scalp and gets rid of crazy clumping. 

    After I have raked my products in, I start scrunching my hair to get the clumps back. If the clumps don't want to come back, I just add in a bit more water, and then they start to form. After everything is clumped and scrunched, I go in with a cotton floursack towel and gently squeeze out excess moisture.
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    Thank you both for your tips! I stopped using the shea moisture conditioner and smoothie and opted for lighter products, I also got a hair cut. So far my roots and stringy issues are getting much better! Thanks again! 

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