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Trixie1979Trixie1979 Registered Users Posts: 364
I was just wondering how many of you use the Cover Girl foundation? I need to buy some new stuff (considering it's 4 years old :oops: ) I saw on tv their stuff that blends with your natural skin tones...I forget the name ot it. And I was also thinking abuout Their Aquasmooth stuff. Which one is better??




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    I just got the new Loreal True Match super-blendable makeup. It's really nice... seems to be fairly light - medium converage, and what's nice about it is that comes in warm, neutral and cool shades, so you can find the perfect one for your skin tone. Also, I believe CVS has a deal now, where you buy it for about 8 -10 bucks and then get a free blush or powder...
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  • Trixie1979Trixie1979 Registered Users Posts: 364
    Has anyone used this.....bumping

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    I'm currently using the L'oreal True Match and I really like the coverage of it & it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Target and WalMart both have sample packs of three mini bottles in different shades so you can find what color is right for you. The one I got at Target had a $2 off coupon in it as well, but the one from WalMart didn't (it's only about $1.60 for the samples). My only problem so far has been trying to decide which color I like best and buying the full size bottle. The sample bottles have this little applicator inside that I like, but I don't think the full size version has that. Those little bottles have lasted me quite a while since I can't decide what color to get. I used Cover Girl for years and always had so many breakouts. A good friend of mine used to do makeup and she always told me to quit using Cover Girl and it would clear up. I finally listened to her and I don't get near the amount of breakouts that I used to, mainly only during "that time of the month". I tried Clinique Superfit because my skin is so oily (the girl at the counter rec'd it) but I find the True Match makes my skin less oily by the end of the day and it's cheaper! Hope this helps and good luck! :D


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