Finishing Spray/Hairspray Recs?

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I cannot get my braidouts/twistouts to last any longer than one day.  Do any of you use a hairspray to finish and hold your braid out?

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    I don't do braids or twistouts, but I sometimes use hairspray for hold.  These are all silicone free, although most have alcohols.

    Deva Curl hairspray - don't like.  It makes my hair sticky, then the sticky goes away and so does any hold.

    Marc Anthony Moroccan Oil something something (in a blue can) - it's ok.  It seems to hold all day, somewhat sticky but not too bad.

    Innersense I Create Finish - I've only used it once, and that was on wet hair.  It worked for that purpose, but I don't know how much hold it would have on dry hair.  It seemed pretty sticky when I tested it.

    Not tried, but heard about:
    Pantene Air Spray - alcohol free.
    Osis+ Elastic Flexible Hold - something I want to try, but the beauty supply was out of it. I'll have to order it online.

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    Living Proof has 2 hairsprays that are CG.  I have used the lighter hold, but not for braid outs.
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    Thank you so much for responding!  Before I checked back here I did try a Sally Beauty brand—“Beyond The Zone Anti-humidity spray.  It seemed to work okay.  
  • andreajones188andreajones188 Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 136 Curl Connoisseur
    Imperial Hold Hairspray provides immaculate hold and shine for all your structured looks. From blowouts and braids to up-dos and formal looks, Imperial Hold has you covered. The unique formula dries instantly for an all-day hold, while our Signature Tea Complex provides shine and protection from environmental stressors.

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