3a in the front, 2b in the back... HELP!

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I hope someone can help me figure out my hair. I have had problems with my hair for my entire life. I only recently started treating my hair as if it were curly, but I don't actually know if that is necessarily the case. The portion of my hair that frames my face and around my ears is super bouncy and curly kind of like a 3a curl. The rest of my hair can barely be considered a 2b, and is SUPER frizzy. Even when I scrunch it or diffuse it, there is nothing that can be done for my hair. Should I be treating my hair as if it were curly or straight? 

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    Hello @dent.one !
    I would definitely say to treat your hair as curly. Every type of hair, even if it was "just" 2B, can benefit from CG method. Skipping sillicones and sulfates and taking care of your hair might eventually bring you desirable results, help you defeat the frizz and make your hair pattern more even. Also, it's good to clarify time by time.
    I wouldn't worry so much about having different patterns, I think it's quite usual. The frizz, however, can be caused by lack of hydration at those parts, or overmanipulating that area of hair. Do you deep condition? And are you using some styler?
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    Welcome!  It's possible to have different curl patterns on the same person.  I would suggest treating all your hair as if it's curly, even the straighter parts will benefit.

    I am fairly new here too but from what I understand, some areas just also need more moisture.  Try putting extra leave in conditioner and curling custard in the back frizzier parts and see if that helps.  I have a frizzy undefined section of hair and have started putting more product there, particularly leave in conditioner, and it's made a big difference.  

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    Agree with the suggestions above. Deep condition and a bit more product in the back may help. Keep working at it, and the back may curl up like the rest of your hair soon.


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    Thank you, @Rimonsiley !!!
    I use leave in conditioner and Cantu curling custard as my post-shower products, along with Shea Moisture's Curl and Shine shampoo and conditioner. I have been using those since around October of 2017, but I do not deep condition. I think I may have damaged it by diffusing too often, because my curls were more present and noticeable the first few times diffusing, then quickly began to stop curling. 

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