Please help me to grow out a bad haircut and deal with the consequences

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Hello. I have been transitioning for the past 5 years and recently have cut my hair into a short bob just for a change. I lost all of my curl pattern and am freaking out. I feel like I have lost a part of myself, my hair is almost straight no matter what I do. In the past, my hair used to be 2b at the top and then 3a at the bottom, that is why I think that maybe if I grow out my hair the curls will bounce back? I am so confused. Looking for any explanations and also help for promoting hair growth ASAP. ( Sorry for poor English, I am trying my best )


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    Here is a photo of how my hair looks like now and how it was before the cut with no product on.
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    Hair texture changes throughout your life. It could be that your texture changed. It looks 2c. It could also be products and styling technique since you made a big change. Try using less products. Also I've heard from other sources around that layers and thinning the hair can make one lose the curl. Try clarifying just in case with a sulfate shampoo. Give it some time, and they may come back.
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    Some hair needs length to get the curl going.  In you picture with the long hair you don't have much curl at the roots, so you may just need that length to get those awesome curls.
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