[Photos] How can I control & style my weird curly hair :/ ? What's its type?

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Hello I'm a new here. Its Amine from Algeria. 
I got some questions about my hair .
Its really thick with loose curls , the strand is fine. 
- what's its type ? I personally think is [ 3A , 3B ]
- Also I don't know how to control it :/ some days it looks fine and some other looks really frizzy and creepy . so i go to straightening !!
- Also here where I live there is no good products for curly hair .. Only shitty products .
I heard that Coconut oil can be used to define curls , is it? And can I use daily ?
- Also when I use shampoo [Gliss Million Gloss its not really curly approved], 
I really see very nice curls , also when its wet.
But when it dries it become really piece of frizzy **** and looks disgusting -_-  .

I really don't know how to deal with my hair .
How can I style it . sometimes I think to get keratin treatment , but I want really to keep it curly , the big problem ...its uncontrollable
I can't hold same style always. :neutral:

PS : I don't use any product nowadays ./ I was using straightening wax , but now I want to go curly.

What so you suggest ? Please tell me , any experiences ...




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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  Your hair looks like 3C to me.

    I would start by using some conditioner.  Put some into your hair, distribute it well, then partially rinse it, so you're leaving some in.  Alternatively, rinse it out completely then put a tiny bit back into your hair, so it remains in your hair when it dries.  Then put some gel in.  Do this in really wet hair.  I put it in while I'm still in the shower.  Then grab an old tee shirt and use that instead of a towel.  Towels can make your hair frizzy, a tee shirt is better.  Just squeeze your hair, don't rub.  Style it how you like it, then let it air dry.  Don't touch it again until it's completely dry!  When it's dry it might look hard and feel crunchy, so now you can squish your hair, run your hands through, etc. until it's soft and looks good.
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