How to deal with baby hair/new hair growth

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Hi all :)

I am new to CG method and in the last few weeks it has changed my life. I have 2b hair, low porosity, coarse but low density hair. I think the low density is because I shed a lot of hair, as a result I also have lots of baby hair/re-growth (I think this is what is happening). My hair curls wonderfully but at the scalp/root I have the appearance of a hair ‘halo’ because of all the re-growth. I don’t think my hair is ‘frizzy’ as such as throughout the body and ends it’s fine (I could be completely wrong here). Is anybody able to advise me/direct me to a thread on how I might be able to tame my hair halo without causing my scalp to look greasy/loose volume. Or is this all part of transitioning to CG that will improve the longer I stick with the method?

Thank you in advance! 


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    Welcome to CurlTalk! 

    We all have days where that halo frizz pops up.  It'll improve as you go along, if only because you learn how to tame it.  Right now you can try using some gel in your hand and gently glaze it over your head.  But mostly it starts in the shower, using products that work for you, and techniques that smooth those hairs out rather than let them pop out.  You might need more leave in conditioner, or more at the top.  Or more gel.  Or you might need different styling products.  Experiment every day!
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    It might be breakage or new growth. Embrace it for what it is. If you are feeling self conscious about it, watch TV. Many actresses have the same thing, and you will notice it if a lighting source is behind the actor, so it's totally normal. You can gently glide gel over your crown, but do not apply any pressure. This will help to keep them laid down.


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    Thank you both. I am slowly getting to grips with it all! I’m hoping that it will grow out but baby hair is something I have consistently had since a little girl so that may not be the case. I’m hoping that as my experience with CG method increases, as you say, it will also improve. 

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