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I'm new to Naturally Curly but not to the natural world. I have been natural on & off throughout the years but recently for over a year. Before then I would perm my hair maybe twice a year & touch up my leave out & roots. Now that I am fully natural again, I've noticed different textures & curl patterns. I have dyed my hair with book color but recent color is professionally done. I wanted to see if anybody could lead me to the most consistent hair type they see & what products I could use to bring out the curls if possible. Pictures are from freshly washed untouched hair. When pressed out it's passed my shoulders. Thanks in Advance !


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  I see all kinds of different curl patterns in your hair, everything from 4A to 4C, maybe even down to a 3.  The straighter bits are probably straight because of damage.  With proper care, you should be able to get all your curls a bit more consistent.

    I'd suggest concentrating on conditioning.  Use deep conditioners with a heated cap, a really good rinse out conditioner, and use leave in conditioner too - but not a ready made leave in, just use your rinse out conditioner as a leave in.  Then maybe try a moisturizing curl enhancer like Kinky Curly Curling Custard, or Camille Rose Curl Maker, or Uncle Funky's Daughter Curl Magic.  Then use a hard hold gel on top of that.
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    I'm not sure on your hair type, but some pieces do appear damaged. But do not despair. Be sure to deep condition at least once a week. Choose moisturizing products for leave ins and creams. You may want to pre-poo as well. You probably have high porosity hair, so check into the LOC or LCO method to see if that may work for you as well. If you are not protein sensitive, you will want to do protein treatments as well. Best of luck! And welcome here! We are glad to have you!
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    As mentioned, you seem to be going through some damage, possibly heat or chemical damage. Did the person who dyed your hair straighten after or beforehand? They might have fried your curls with the frying iron and the blow fryer. Due to that, it would be hard to assess your true curl pattern, as a 3C with damage might appear to be a 2c or a very limp 3a. I know the true 3As and 2Cs have amazing shiny hair and you'd be able to recognize the off one (the damaged 3c) from the bunch. Luckily for you, it isn't your whole head, but just certain sections are in need of extra help

    You'd look to clarify followed with a deep condition.
    Shampoo to look into: 

    It replaced my former clarifier, but be warned this is incredibly strong and will remove all build-up on the first wash if not it with the second rinse. The way you'd notice this is if you shampoo and do not get many bubbles, that is a perfect indicator that the hair is dirty. But only apply to your scalp, rinsing the shampoo removes buildup along the lengths of your hair. I'd suggest you use it when needed. As a regular shampoo I'd recommend this one:

    A good Deep Conditioner of choice would be my personal favorite on the protein side:

    Really good, decent slip and great for when you need a boost. My tip is to add olive oil if you want an extra boost, customize to your liking. After deep conditioning rinse with cool water.

    A good moisturizing deep conditioner is this one:

    Use when your hair feels dry and brittle while using the strengthening masque when your hair feels a little weak. But basically, use the strengthening masque for one wash day and the other masque on another wash day.

    Stylers are a really complicated ballpark because they can really vary compared to washing and conditioning because what works for me as a conditioner won't translate into styling.

    BTW, I believe your hair is around the Type 4s, but I can't accurately tell because of the bit of damage it's going through at the moment. 

    Yes, I sound repetitive with the number of products I gave from the same company, but they are really good products to start off with.

    Hope that helps to start out!
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    I will second the shea moisture raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo and the mauka honey and mafura oil intensive hydration masque. The shampoo is so gentle and has a lather. The masque is a repeated buy for me. For the record, I have bleached hair. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil masque is a great one (I don't recommend the shampoo as it's too stripping in my opinion). It does have slip and it's a great start. It worked really well for me when I first started.
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    Welcome, @FunsizeVixen!  Love your username and so glad you've joined us here at CurlTalk. 

    The ladies have given you some great ideas. Please let us know your progress on getting your hair healthy again! 

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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