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hi I have just been told by hair dresser my hair is really dry so need to start using an oil in it which has made me start thinking about new products and new routine so after recommended products I can get from boots. I currently just wash and conditioner and use hair mousse and hair spray. So you can see I’m after some desperate help. I really want to get rid of my frizzy dry hair and have gorgeous soft curls. Please help!! 


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    Welcome to CurlTalk! 

    You might benefit from doing the Curly Girl method (also called CG around here).  There's a book written by Lorraine Massey that tells you how to get started.  Basically, you eliminate all products with sulfates (found in most shampoos) because it's harsh and drying.  If you eliminate sulfates, you also have to eliminate silicones (found in most hair products), because silicones are not water soluble and you need to use sulfates to get them off your hair. 

    By eliminating these two ingredients (plus a few more harsh or hard-to-remove ingredients), your hair can absorb water and conditioning ingredients, making your hair well hydrated and healthy, which will maximize your hair's curling potential.

    For a quick start though, you should try a good deep conditioning treatment.  It'll work better if you add heat during the treatment.  You can put a shower cap over your hair then wrap your head in a heated towel for that.  Leave it on for about 20 minutes, then rinse off.
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    Have you looked st the ingredients of your hairspray? Lots of them contain drying alcohols. Since i sswitched to cg i havent been usimg any hairspray because it dries out my hair like crazy and i couldnt find a spray that worked.
    My hair was still frizzy at first because i gave up hairspray, but after a while it got much better because its not dry anymore. Maybe someone can recommemd a good hairspray, u fortunately i cant help you there.

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