Keratin treatment made my hair essentially straight...

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Hi! So I got different keratin treatments before which only removed the frizz and made my curls into these pretty waves... But that one was done on wet hair and I think was more like the express treatment (washed same day) 

I went to a different salon and I got the one where you keep in your hair for 3 days... My hair is straight now :( I was looking more for waves... It is silky and not frizzy so I love that part but wow, I didn't think my hair would change this much. My hair stylist didn't either, she said it would smooth out but not get rid of curls. Anyway I am not too worried because it is temporary anyways and this will be ok for summer. However this made me think; did my hair need keratin? Did it need protein? Is that why it worked so well? I was doing a lot of moisturizing and deep conditioning but maybe that was not what it needed and I should switch to protein treatments? 

Thank you all! This community has been great in me getting to know my curls! 


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    I have never had a keratin treatment nor have a firm knowledge of the process. It is my (limited) knowledge that it is like a perm but keratin helps fill in gaps hence the smoothness. I do not believe it is anything you did, but rather the stylist formulated it wrong or overestimated the strength of your curls. Hence a stronger process to smooth them down to waves but accidentally smoothed it to straight. Rock it until it wears off.
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    Well, at this point, I think BrittanyM is right.... just love it as it is for now!  Some who get keratin treatments find that the effects fade over a few weeks; others find that they have to just grow the treatment out, and only the new hair is back to normal. 

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    You are beautiful!
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    Ok good sounds like it will be back to curls. It seems like then it might be the perfect time to grow it out until I get my waves/curls back :) I just always thought protein made my hair frizzy but it made me think maybe not since keratin is a protein... 

    Hair science is hard :) (Coming from a scientist...) :D 
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    I would say that your hair probably does not like an abundance of keratin protein, which is why it became straight. My hair actually gets straighter when I use products with hydrolyzed keratin. I have a heat protectant with hydrolyzed keratin, and every time I use it (I generally use it before straightening my hair), my hair has noticeably less curl the next time I wash it, and for a couple of weeks afterward. And the porosity has become lower.

    Keratin is a very small protein, so it is more of a moisturizing protein, and I'm guessing that has something to do with why your hair is soft and smooth rather than frizzy. 
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    My understanding is the keratin doesn't make it straight. The intense heat does. The keratin helps keep it from breaking off. The formaldehyde (or similar) cures it. It works most dramatically on porous hair.

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    Hah that is interesting. I think my hair is very porous then, it worked very dramatically. I was kinda more hoping it would just take away frizz, not curls but oh well. Thank you all! 
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    I think is just a temporary method!

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