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I like to wear my hair wavy for many days in a row, yet after two days, my hair loses definition and gets frizzy and flyaway. Do you think my hair type is the problem?

 Whenever I put water back on it it goes straight and won’t dry the same. What are some things I can to do refresh without wetting my hair completely? 

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    I’ve had some luck spraying my hair with water until it’s damp, then adding some leave in conditioner and putting it up in a pineapple at night. But it’s a bit of a crapshoot if it works. I’m still at the beginning of my curly/wavy journey though 
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    The reason your hair loses definition and get frizzy after a couple of days is because it has lost so much of its moisture. The only way to add moisture back into the hair is to wet it. Some wavies and curlies are unable to get second-day hair without completely rewetting their hair. I think that wavies can have a tougher time than curlies because wavies already have a looser curl pattern, so when the hair gets dried out, the curl pattern loosens even more, creating straight sections.

    One possible thing to help your chances for multiple-day hair is to put a little bit of oil (a drop or two) on your dry hair at night before going to bed. I use The Rosemary Conditioning Oil from Weleda, which is very light. I have found that the oil can help smooth down the frizzies and help slow the moisture loss. But you do have to be careful not to use too much oil, or your hair can look greasy. I like to put it on at night because that way the hair has time to absorb the oil.
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    Seconding @Therese1. Granted you've got a looser curl patter than I do, you can try three things (take this with consideration to your hair and how it reacts to certain products):
    1. Use a modified LOC. By that I mean one drop of oil mixed into your leave in or cream.
    2. Using a hard hold gel on wash days. It may keep your waves in place for longer as well as sealing in moisture.
    3. Use a light weight oil such as almond oil or a oil based pomade, take one or two drops into your palms, emulsify it, and apply lightly down the ends of your hair once it is dried and styled. This will help seal in moisture.
    Three days or more is very difficult. My hair hates water and will frizz so I can't ever refresh. These are a few techniques that I use to keep my hair moisturized and in tact for as long as possible. For the record, four days is the max I've ever gotten. Two is practically guaranteed, and three is a gamble.


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