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So I am new to growing out my hair. I have between 3c or 4a hair. I am not completely sure, so please follow this link  to my pictures for you to look at and let me know what you think of my hair type. Please note that these pictures are of my hair not freshly washed and moisturized. My hair is low density and fine. I look been searching the internet for fine, thin (low density) 3c or 4a hair and I have been unsuccessful. I really would like you guys could post some picts of your fine, low-density 3c or 4a. At this time I am growing out my hair and am interested in trying to figure out how my hair will look as it grows out.

Thanks for the help!


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    Did we get your questions answered in another thread? 

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    You are beautiful!
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    @Gretchen yes two people answered him in previous threads, maybe he couldn't find those threads. I know it took me awhile to find the threads I originally made when I first signed up.

    You've been told your hair was 4a in your last two threads, and I agree. And in case you couldn't find your other two threads here is what the ladies told you.

    Guide 65 said:
    Cute little spirals!  I'd say those are a 4A, but I'm not great with hair typing.

    Rimonsiley said:
    Rimonsiley said: It looks like 4A to me. For the growth, vital thing is the right care (limit sulfates, no silicones, lots of moisture, protecting your ends...). You can also try to massage your scalp with oils (coconut, avocado, castor oil... whatever suits you). It's also important to get the right amount of vitamins – f.e. B-complex, zinc, omega 3 (preferably by the right and healthy food, but you can also use some supplements) and drink plenty of water. Best of luck :smile:

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    I think that in this post the poster is not so much asking for hair typing as asking for pictures. He said he wants to see what his hair might look like as it grows out, but he is having a hard time finding pictures online of low-density, fine 3c/4a hair.
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