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I didn’t start to embrace my curly locks until about 2 years ago and I’m struggling to transition. My parents are both white, my dad having thin straight hair, and my mom has thick curly locks. I came out with a little ‘fro and my mom decided it was best to straighten my hair or completely shave it off for years, rather than take care of my unmanageable hair. My hair has became kind of curly after 15+ years of damage. I realize it’s going to take a long time to recover but I was starting to wondering if it will ever happen. My strands tend to be bouncy but they stay in these curls that look horrendous. My hair has some pieces that are still quite curly but they are very sparse. I would just like to know some tips and help in regards to restoring my once beautiful head of curls! Any help would be  appreciated!!! 


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    Welcome!  How are you caring for your hair now? 

    Keep in mind that you will never have the same hair you had as a child.  Our hair matures too, along with our bodies.  Going through puberty may have changed your curl pattern, and this is usually when the hair coarsens up as well.
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    Welcome to CurlTalk, @curly_gryphon!

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    You are beautiful!
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    My hair used to be quite coarse and about a 3b/3c curl... I wash my hair every 3 days(ish), deep condition once a week, and cowash on the days when I don’t use shampoo. When styling my hair I use a leave in conditioner, and a cream styler as mousse does absolutely nothing to my hair even when scrunched. I diffuse my hair on cold with absolutely no heat being used on my hair any more. It seems like my hair wants to curl but just can’t. The roots seem to be growing out as tight curls but it makes my hair seem lifted yet straight/wavy. 

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