Daughter's 2A hair

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Hi guys, 

Any chance of some help with my daughter's hair?

Do 2A wavies brush their hair? I always assumed my daughter's hair would be similar to mine (2C/3A), so have always done co-washing and avoided brushing her hair. But her hair got matted from not brushing it, and only getting out the knots at bath time doesn't work well - she only has a bath once every few days because she hates them and too many knots form inbetween times. So should I be brushing her hair once a day? Twice a day in the morning and evening to keep knots at bay? Her hair often ends up looking fluffy after brushing which isn't a great look, but first thing in the morning she generally looks like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards, so I'm not sure what to do to change that. It doesn't matter too much at the moment at home or at preschool, but I feel like when she starts school in September I should send her there looking respectable! Also do detangling sprays really work? Any CG suggestions?

As you can tell I have no idea what I'm doing with this type of hair, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    I think a 2A can easily get away with brushing.  Especially at this age.  As she gets a little older and starts taking care of her own hair, you can revisit the brush question.  But it's probably best to keep her hair looking groomed and untangled.  And yes with the detangling sprays!  I don't have any suggestions for you, but I used some to brush my granddaughter's hair, and it made it so easy!  It'll probably also help with the fluffy look from brushing.
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    What about just diluting some of hers or your rinse out as a detangling spray?
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    My daughter has fine 3A but I brush it twice a day. If I don't the knots are too hard to take out. I spray from ears down with a 50/50 mix of Kinky Curly Knot Today and water. On top of her head I just use water. Then I brush with a Denman brush. She flips her head and squishes her curls and we are done.
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    Love "dragged backwards through a hedge" !  Hilarious!

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    I'm a 2a, and before I realized I had waves and not just straight hair, I carefully combed through it when wet, then brushed it once it was dry. I also brushed every morning and every night until next wash day. Sure, it got a bit lumpy and poofy and weird in places, but the thing that sent me looking for answers was the dryness and resulting frizz.

    If you manage to moisturize your daughter's hair well and brush it with a tangle teezer or another gentle brush, it might be the best thing for her at this age. If that works, the curls can still come out to play for special occasions.

    Also, normal braids, pigtails or ponytails are great for wavy hair if her hair looks a bit messy before school after brushing.

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