Help! How to moisturize hair in pacific northwest weather??

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Hi All, 

I have thick, fine, low porosity, 3a/3b curls and am originally from the Midwest, but currently live in Seattle. For years, I have used Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to soften, moisturize, and add some definition to my curls. 

Anyway, I don't know if the formula changed or something, but the past year or two my Curl Enhancing Smoothie just hasn't been working as well as it used to. I've noticed that my curls have become really dry and frizzy and just...bleccch. The texture is terrible, and there is way less softness and lots of frizziness (I've accepted that my hair will just always be somewhat frizzy, but this frizziness is drier/different than before). The crazy thing is, whenever I travel back to the midwest for a week or two my hair automatically gets SO much nicer. Like softer, shinier, more definition, etc. It's literally a noticeable difference and it's super frustrating.  

I've tried different conditioners (Jane Carter Solutions, TGIN, etc.) and a couple different hair creams (Oyin, Miss Jessie's, etc.) and nothing seems to help. I keep coming back to my trusty Curl Enhancing Smoothie, because it at least performs BETTER than the others, even though my hair still feels way drier/yuckier than it used to. 

Basically, I've come to the conclusion that constant Seattle rain/drizzles (and then summer dryness) are the culprit? So does anyone have any weatherproof conditioners and styling creams that they trust?? Or have any ideas as to what's happening with my hair? I've been opposed to brands like DevaCurl (even though it's many people's holy grail) and Moroccan Oil in the past bc of the high price tag, but I'm honestly willing to try anything at this point. Thanks so much!!!


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    The water is much softer here (I live in South King County btw). You may just have to experiment with different products to see what works best with our water source. I have the opposite "issue". My hair looks much better here because in my hometown, San Diego, the water is hard and the weather is much more humid. 

    I swear by Tresemme. It's easy to find, affordable and the conditioner (in my signature) gels extremely well with the water. 
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