Why Only My Bang Is Straight?

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Hi Girls! I have fine blond curly hair. I can say it is 3A. I didn't have so much heat damage, but I always used pretty bad products over the years, and I didn't know how to protect or even handle my natural curl. The only thing I did is I had bang for long long years, and I styled it almost every day. The last two years I didn't do it but it is still really really weak, straight or lightly wavy. I started my natural hair care around 2 month before, I know it takes time, but is it still hope to have my bang curly, or forget it...?<br>Thank you so much for your answer! :smile:


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    Welcome to CurlTalk!  The bangs area gets the most amount of manipulation - finger combing, brushing it out of your eyes, etc.  It might be that that area is just dryer than the rest.  I would spend more time babying that part of your hair, especially during conditioning and applying styling products.  I don't have bangs cut, but that same section is the same way - it really wants to go straight.  But if I give it more conditioner and really work it in, I get some nice ringlets.
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    Welcome to CurlTalk, @curlyhilda! Like @Guide 65 said — condition, condition, condition! 
    Keep us posted on your progress and post photos if you like!

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    You are beautiful!
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    3a hair is typically straighter closer to the roots, so that may be your problem.  just to with it.  maybe clip it to side while drying????

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    It may be that the area where your bangs are is a looser curl pattern (most of us have a mix of curl patterns on our heads), or the hair density there might be lower, which can have the visual effect of a looser curl pattern. I have straighter pieces by my face, and what has been helping recently is to apply a little extra gel to that area.
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    Oh girls, thank you so much for the answer! :)
    I will try much more condition. I also planned to take some photos how it is looking now. I hope conditioning will help for itchy scalp also. It is itchy only there, so I really need to take care that part much more than all of the others. :)
    One more question. I am from Central Eu, so here we have so many different products like what you can find here. Does anyone have any idea what is the best page to order, or did you find a topic about this before? 
    Thanks again, and I hope you have a great curly day! :)
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    Eurocurlies, can anyone recommend some good places where @curlyhilda can order products? 

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    You are beautiful!
  • socurlssocurls Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Posts: 207 Curl Connoisseur
    I live in France, I advise you the products "Coslys", there are everywhere in Europe but only in the organic store.

    It's really very good brand and the products are.. perfect ! the composition is perfect in every way (vegetal, without silicones very nourishing ..) and there is for all types of hair ..  :) 

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