Hair comes out way too easy in shower?

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The middle of my hair and the sides of my hair are different lengths due to me having a high top fade and growing it out currently. I’ve found that in the shower my hair pulls out way too easily from the center specifically of my hair when shampooing or deep conditioning or conditioning . It’s either all over my hands over all over the shower floor. I don’t understand if it’s due to me having really bad split ends maybe because I don’t know what they necessarily look like and my sides also look similar to the middle of my hair yet my sides don’t have hair fall out abnormally at all. It seems like every time I do anything to the middle of my hair while it’s wet it falls out. Any help is highly appreciated so I can stop this breakage. I’m still in my learning process with all this

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    It's pretty normal to shed up to 150 hairs a day.  An old hair needs to come out before a new hair can grow in, so maybe you're going through a growth phase.  Also, when your hair gets longer it LOOKS like a lot more, especially when you gather them all up.  I wouldn't worry about it, unless you notice your hair is thinning.
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