I got my hair cut as I wanted to donate my hair for cancer patients but since then I

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have lost my curls my hair was always wavy into ringlets at the bottom of the hair and I've cut my hair short many times before and never lost my curls. Its been almost a year since my cut and my hair also seems to be taking ages to grow.  It also is producing a lot of dandruff. I got another trim/treatment hoping for change and I think it got worse I'm now scared to go to a hairdressers again. I am quite upset as my hair was one of main things I liked about myself. I struggle with bad anxiety and my hair used to make me feel ok cause I liked it what should I do? The following pics are before and after?The back layers of my hair are curly but the rest isn't what should I do? Will my curls grow back?


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    Are you doing anything different since your last cut when everything changed? 

    But my suggestion based off what you are saying would be to get a protein treatment, something to repair your hair. 

    Do you moisturize your hair? 
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