Has deva curl shampoo/conditioner given you dry scalp?

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Hello lovelies! I just started using devacurl line again ... been at this for 2-3 months. Lately I’ve been noticing that at the very front of my scalp it’s flaky, almost as if it’s a rash from the shampoo and conditioner. I say that because I scrunch my hair style products as opppsed to soreadingvit through my scalp and hair. Has anyone else experienced that? 
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    It’s probably not dry scalp, likely it is buildup. I explained this in another post, but to keep it straight to the point, Devacurl products just aren’t strong enough to remove buildup properly. You’ll need a clarifying shampoo or a sulfate shampoo to remove ALL the buildup. 

    It does go against the grain of the CG method, but honestly, it is not something everyone can accommodate conveniently without getting issues later on. If the dryness of the Shampoo occurs, deep condition after😉.

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    I've heard of a lot of people having scalp issues using Deva Curl products.  You might want to switch to some other shampoo and conditioner before it gets any worse.
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    Let us know what works for you! I have had dry scalp problems too. I found that trying different shampoos helped. 

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    You are beautiful!

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