Has anyone tried Curlsmith Souffle?

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Hey guys. I am brand new to this website. I have 2a/2b hair that easily goes flat and frizzes. I ordered the souffle, but I am not sure to how apply it to my fine hair. I always end up with too much. I layered LA Looks gel on this morning and it seems to be drying rather nicely. Just wondering if anyone else likes this product. :)


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    I haven't tried that specific product, but have you tried applying it to your hair when it is soaking wet?  Many of us keep styling products in the shower to apply them while your hair is wet.  It seems to help spread the product more evenly over your hair and you can generally use less products.
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    I'm curious as to whether you might have a problem with glycerin--glycerin is the second ingredient in this product. It is supposed to pull moisture from the air and hold it to your hair, but it can also have a sticky, heavy texture depending on the formulation. 
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    I have ordered the soufflé more than once. It smells divine!! You might want to try the soufflé on hair that has some wetness scrunched out first. Also, make sure you really emulsify it before you apply!
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    It does work very well as long as you apply it properly. I also have 2B type hair and it took me a while to figure out how to use it but if you find a way, you will love it. It works for me if I apply it on damp hair, but most importantly - do rub it in between your palms first - it will melt and turn into a slightly whipped texture. Apply it then. You really don't need much and it will last you for ages. Oh also, do scrunch it few times once your hair is drying - that way you will break a cast which sometimes may occur
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    Welcome, @allykat1999!  Love to hear what you end up thinking about the Curlsmith Souffle. I've never tried that one! 

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    You are beautiful!
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    @LauraGer thanks for the great tips!  Welcome to CurlTalk!

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    You are beautiful!
  • allykat1999allykat1999 Posts: 2Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Neophyte
    Aw thank you all so much!! I may honestly be sensitive to glycerin. My hair turns out great with la looks sport gel. I just wish it wasn’t so stringy! Looking forward to getting some more tips from NC. :smile:

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