Inversion method?

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I came across this article here on NC.... have any of you done this? 

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    I just finished my first week of inversion method ! I actually have an inversion table from Wal-Mart that holds you upside down by your ankles - and I used a flaxseed gel and jojoba oil mixture for the massage. I am going to continue to do it once every day for a week every month. I didn't expect to see any noticeable results after the first try because my hair is very short, but I did! I was plucking the hairs on the sides of my temples when my hair first started growing back from shaved bald -  to softly straighten out the wavy hairline at the time. (Idk why really, I just figured it looked neater, but realized later wavy hairline are cute) I did it for a few weeks and the hair finally stopped growing there & one week of inversion method and the hairs there sprouted back up! As for overall length, time will tell if the method is really dramatically helpful with especially expedient hair growth, but I would say it is still pretty cool results so far C: 
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    I've tried it a few times and found that it was not effective for me. I've had better results (albeit slower than the 1 week of growth promised by the inversion method) just massaging my scalp gently with a shampoo brush on wash days, applying a mix of castor seed and grape seed oil to my scalp once a week, and taking biotin.
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    I really wish I could test this out. Every time I try I get very dizzy and nauseated. I was never meant to be upside down.

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