Shiny Silver shampoo question.

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So I have Shiny Silver shampoo (from Sally). I use it about once a week, and it is NOT CG friendly, it is a sulfate shampoo.  My question:  Why does my hair look GREAT every time I use it if sulfates are so freaking bad for our hair??


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    Do you clarify with other shampoos?
    You could consider this a weekly clarifying shampoo?

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    I actually don't think an occasional use of sulphates is bad, especially if your hair is on the finer side.  It opens up the cuticle, which gives the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.  And it clarifies anything built up on the hair, so it can curl up tighter.

    I think the problem comes with using sulphates EVERY wash day.  It'll eventually dry out the hair, since the cuticle never gets a chance to close up, plus it's somewhat harsh and drying.
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    Other than the benefits of clarifying, silver shampoos contain a chelating agent, since minerals in your water are a major cause of brassiness. If your hair is getting mineral buildup, removing that will make it feel wonderful, even if the removal agent is drying. Though I've never found that silver shampoos are all that great as shampoos, and most people I know who use them recommend shampooing with your usual shampoo first, then use the silver shampoo, so it probably isn't that drying.
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    As with most things, it just depends on the hair.  My hair hates sulfates and immediately feels like straw the minute shampoo touches it. Always has, even way before I knew why. I also found all shampoos and conditioners for grey hair to be very drying. But others don't find it so! 
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