Straight pieces of hair: what to do?

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Here is my problem: I have type 2C/3A hair. However, I have flat straight pieces at the side of my head underneath the top layer. It's kind of visible and it's bothering me quite a lot. I've only recently decided to leave my hair down in its natural shape (I've been wearing it in a ponytail for years) so I feel very self-conscious about those weird straight parts.

Does anyone have tips for this?


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    I have straightish pieces on my sides (face-framing pieces). It's tough! What I've recently tried is adding more hard-hold gel to these parts. I put in my hard-hold gel all over my head and scrunch it in really well, until my hair is not dripping wet anymore (I put my gel in my hair when it's still pretty wet). I then take maybe an extra dime-sized dollop of gel and scrunch it into the problem spots. Then I diffuse.

    I also try not to get too much leave-in conditioner on those parts. At least in my case, my hair gets straighter when it gets too much moisture, and since my hair is fine, it is easily overmoisturized. If your hair is coarse, it may be straighter in those parts because it is lacking you might want to try to squish more conditioner into those areas in the shower, to make sure that they are extra moisturized.

    I will also be honest and say that I occasionally touch up straight parts of my hair with a curling wand. My hair does not damage easily, though, so I feel OK doing that.
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    Have you tried twisting and pinning them in place with alligator clips until they dry? This works better for me than finger curls, scrunching or diffusing 
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    Pin curling is an option. You can also try isolating those areas while your hair is wet and scrunching it separately or finger coiling.
    Also, @VJoy, I love your hair! Your curl pattern is so similar to mine. I'd love to know what color you use or your color routine for your hair.
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    BrittanyM said:
     @VJoy, I love your hair! Your curl pattern is so similar to mine. I'd love to know what color you use or your color routine for your hair.
    Thank you! Honestly. My natural hair is now so grey (white as snow in the crown- dark in back. Pic Oct 2016). I was natural for 2 years, but never lost my self consciousness (I was 40 when I decided to quit color and find out what my natural color was) and I found it hard to fight off the brassiness that I got on my ends. I spent a lot of time stripping my hair (weekly!) Which left it lifeless and flat (pic June 2017)
    So I started chemically toning. It lasts longer and seems easier and possibly gentler. That has evolved a bit. I use ion 6.1 dark ash blonde w/20 vol. on roots only. I start in the back (cowlick down) for 15'ish minutes and then add it to the crown roots for 10'sh minutes. I know it's under developing, but it really works for me. If I get brassy from underdeveloping (around the cowlick) I use a  medium ash blonde demi w 15 vol. for abt 5 minutes (or less)
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    Welcome to CurlTalk, @whatisthis!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    @VJoy thanks! I was hoping to steal your technique but my hair is not naturally as light as yours. Still love the color! It is really beautiful!

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