How to daily style?

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I've been going natural for about 3 years now, but am so sick of my hair. I'm a white girl, blue eyes and all, with crazy curls and I feel like I do not fit in anywhere. I've tried a thousand products, but everything makes my curls hard and crunchy or TOO soft and frizzy. I deep condition once a week and do all the CG methods. It doesn't help that I have some 2c to 3a curls, and then 3b and 3c. Alllll on my head. I want to be confident and rock my hair, but it doesn't feel like it's for me. What am I doing wrong? Do I need a new cut or color to suit me better?


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    In order to know what you may be doing wrong, we need to know what you are doing?

    Here are a few things that will help us help you:
    What is your porosity (high/medium/low)
    What is your texture (fine/medium/course)

    When is the last time you clarified?  What products do you use?  When is the last time you had a trim?  

    Here is what I used to figure out if I need protein or moisture: and Overconditioning

    2b, 2c,
    High Porosity - Very Fine Hair

    Low Poo: Living Proof Restore Shampoo
    Rinse Out: Living Proof Restore Conditioner
    Leave In: Living Proof Curl Leave-In or Garnier 1 Minute Mask - Papaya
    Treatments: Restore Repair Leave-In, 
    Styling: Living Proof In-Shower Styler with Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel Stronger Hold

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