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Hello, i’m 16 and around 9 i started getting relaxers, around 10 i stopped and would just go to a hair dresser for a press and curl twice a month. i always had “long” hair for a black girl as black girls would tell me. it was about shoulder length and healthy. Around 14 i got SEVERE heat damage and 9 months ago i made a spontaneous decision to cut off all the heat damage and go natural, leaving me with really really short hair. I have no idea what i’m doing and i’m really uneducated, i’m still natural but i have really bad breakage because all i know how to do is a slick ponytail, and i have heat damage (not as bad as it was before) in the front because of a sewin. i am SICK of my hair, twist outs, braid outs etc don’t work because of the heat damage so i’ve resulted to braided protective styles which result in me spending lots of money i really don’t have. I’m really sad because i thought going natural would help my hair but i’ve hurt it more than ever. Now i’m considering ditching this “natural” phase and getting a relaxer, cutting off the bad breakage and rocking a short bob or cute pixie cut. I constantly regret cutting my hair 25/8 and always think about my hair before i cut it, this isn’t healthy since there is no way i can get it back. I also always want sewins, weave ponytails and all that but i don’t since i’ll just get more heat damage ruining my “natural” hair. Please help me i need advice, as dumb as this sounds natural hair is not for me and for the first time in my life my hair is my biggest insecurity. 


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    There are may lovely transition styles out there. I don't think natural hair is hard to take care of and style it is just different than what you are use to. I am a big advocate for doing your own hair. Nobody can take care of it better than you can. ( and it is cheap).

    I found that two strand and flat twists were my go to transition styles when I had short hair. Also I rocked head wraps a lot when I didn't know what i wanted to do with my hair. I also advise you to do a quick search for nice transition styles.  
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    I recommend
    • moisturizing and wearing wraps. 
    • let your scalp breathe as much as possible and massage it at night 
    • buy a silk pillowcase even if you have a silk scarf
    • try deep conditioning adding oil and real shea butter 
    • hair treatments twice a month mayonnaise 
    The jar you need is "Africa's Best Organics Hair Mayonnaise"

    *if you plan to do the hair treatment at home
    put oil in your hair first
    apply the hair Mayonnaise like its a perm after your whole head is covered
    wrap a wet hot towel on your head
    leave it for 15 minutes
    wash out the hair Mayonnaise
    with your choice of shampoo and a heavy concoction of conditioner 
    what I mean by "heavy" is 3 conditioners and melted shea butter 

    Good Luck

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    Girl my advice to you is to first RELAX (not your hair lol). Natural hair should not be this much stress. I'm 16 like you (17 soon) and I get the struggle. Do you have a hair twin on YouTube so I can see what type of hair you have? I made my natural hair routine very simple and my hair is thriving.Simplicity is key. As for your heat damage not looking good, try doing flexi rod sets. Is your heat damage at the front? If it is, try doing a half up half down to hide it. I cut the front of my hair WAyyyyyy too short so I just do half up half down to hide it. Its all about working with what you have. What is your current hair care routine, and products? 

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