How do you find a stylist for natural, 4 curls who you actually like?

yakottayakotta Registered Users Posts: 41 Curl Neophyte
We’re working on a project about finding stylists for natural hair! First off, we’re so sorry if this is not the place to ask, but we wanted to go to the source and get peoples feelings on exactly how hard it is to connect with a stylist who can do natural, textured hair. And if we’re not totally violating the rules here, we have a few questions we would love to get feedback on!

1) Do you consider yourself a natural, or to have natural hair? If not, would you be natural if you had the resources to do so, or had a local stylist?

2) What do you do to get your hair done (in twists, braids, wigs, press curls, etc)? How often do you do this? Are you happy with the results?

3) Have you ever had trouble finding a natural stylist who can do your type of hair?

a) If not, how did you find them?

b) If yes, what was hard about it? Why was it hard?

4) Have you ever gotten your hair done outside of a formal salon environment, like at someone’s home/home business?

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